Home Décor Tips to Create a Modern Farmhouse

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Your home décor plan doesn’t have to follow just one genre. In fact, mixing home décor styles has never been more popular.
Farmhouse Exterior by Naperville Architects & Building Designers Charles Vincent George Architects, Inc.
Today, we’ll take a look at two merging styles that are nearly complete opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of home décor — Modern & Farmhouse — but when you combine them just right, you get a beautiful look.
To create a Modern Farmhouse you want just the right balance of farmhouse nostalgia and modern beauty, which can be done by mixing styles within the same home décor and architectural details like your stairs, interior doors, and simple accents like a pillow or window fashion.

The Kitchen

The website farmhousemodern.com defines the essence of the Modern Farmhouse home as one that puts the kitchen at the epicenter of it all, with large work areas and spaces where families gather not just as a chore but (gasp) as a chance to make something together.

To create the perfect Modern Farmhouse kitchen consider a large, oversized kitchen where everyone can truly gather and be comfortable. A large farmhouse table will fit in perfectly. Multiple islands or just a really big one will do the trick so anyone who wants to help “make something” can.

Two examples of a modern kitchen island in a farmhouse
Left: Traditional Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Harrison Design featuring Carlisle Dark Wood Floors. Right: Distressed Wood Flooring in Boston Farmhouse Kitchen by Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Distressed Wood Flooring in a Modern Farmhouse on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors BlogA furniture style island that sits on top of the floor has a nice vintage look. Or make an island from an old piece of furniture entirely, like this Boston kitchen, which used a salvaged industrial table. The wrought iron bar stools are a nice touch, as is the shelving along the back wall.

Don’t be afraid to add in farmhouse style accents, like this Atlanta Kitchen, which has a fresh supply of roosters and chicken adornments, but it doesn’t deter too much from the modern feel of the white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.


The stairs for your modern farmhouse style home can take on a variety of styles. You’ll find an example of stairs made from wood and rope, instead of a traditional banister and railings for the stairs. This North Dakota home used modern wood and metal to build the staircase and railings. Notice how the Hickory Prefinished wood floors have a nice variation of colors that complement the dark wood color of the barn doors in the background, and the medium tone of the stair posts and treads.

Interior Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors aren’t just for keeping critters inside the barn anymore. They are a popular accent for the interior now too. You can use it in place of traditional interior doors to separate and define spaces. And even to cover up bookshelves, storage, media, and technology when not in use.

Two examples of barn doors in living rooms
Left: Heart Pine Flooring From the Lakehouse Collection by Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Right: Rustic Living Room by Richmond Architects & Building Designers Fraser Design

Wood Walls & Ceilings

Along the same line as barn doors, why not consider wood on the walls and ceilings. If you were truly building a “farmhouse” way back when, you’d use as much available wood on your property to build floors, doors, windows, and ceilings. Why not reincarnate that tradition — or at least fake it — with some traditional reclaimed wood.

Or if you want something a little more traditional why not white Board and Batten styles paneling. This is indicative of the original farmhouses, where the interior was painted with white milk paint to keep the space light and bright.

Left: Contemporary Living Room by Manhattan Beach Architects & Building Designers Lazar Design+Build Featuring Carlisle Footworn Pine Flooring. Right: Farmhouse Family Room by Oakland Interior Designers & Decorators Modern Organic Interiors

Rustic Floors

Contemporary Kitchen by Edina General Contractors REFINED LLC featuring Carlisle Distressed Oak Flooring

The flooring you choose for your Modern Farmhouse is going to be an important decision. We know we are a little biased, but wide plank wood floors, especially rustic wood floors are a great choice. Narrow strip oak floors and tile or marble are going to look too modern. And since most Modern Farmhouses boast a more open, expansive floorplan, the larger planks will fit the scale of the room so much better. This Modern Farmhouse kitchen has rustic wood floors made from Distressed Oak flooring. Notice how the boards have original saw marks in the boards, and wide, random widths. The color of the floor is just dark enough to give it an aged look — almost like the color of an antique floor — but not too dark that you can’t see the character.

Accents & Furniture

One of the great things about designing a home with a Modern Farmhouse theme is the flexibility to infuse your spaces with a variety of accents and furniture from both styles. We can’t say “anything goes” but if you want to combine a smooth leather sofa with a rooster pillow, then it works!

Left: Midcentury Sofas by Montebello Furniture & Accessories VOLO Design. Right: Farmhouse Decorative Pillows by Grand Rapids Artists & Artisans artgoodies

When choosing your accents and furniture look for a combination of textures like leather and burlap, copper, wrought iron or traditional stainless steel reminiscent of farm equipment and dairy barns.


Chalkboards represent a simpler way of a life, before texting and computers. They are a fun accent piece for the Modern Farmhouse whether you want to highlight your dinner menu for the week, write an inspiring wake-up message for your family, or just plan out the weeks activities in the foyer.

Left: Farmhouse Entry by Charlotte Design-Build Firms New Old, LLC. Right: Farmhouse Living Room by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Turnbull Griffin Haesloop.


Windows are an architectural detail that can create an amazing aesthetic in your room, and give you an outlet to the outside world no matter what time of day or season. The Modern Farmhouse is no exception. Don’t be afraid to incorporate windows — entire walls of windows in some cases — to your rooms.

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If you are looking for more ideas download our Buyer’s Guide or contact us to speak with a Wide Plank Specialist.
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