How do you use color to set the mood for your room?

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How do you use color to set the mood for your room?

Thinking about the colors you want to use for your next project can seem a bit daunting.  How many times have you walked in Sherwin Williams or Bejamin Moore only to walk out with a dozen samples in your hand. 

To choose the right color you can narrow things down by looking at interior design examples – conveniently provided below.  You can uncover your own “color personality” and understanding how color effects your mood.

Set the Mood for your Room

Browse these photos…which ones do you like best? Can you picture one of these rooms in your own home? 
















When you look at them you can tell right away that color sets a certain mood.  The “bright” colorful photos might make you feel more relaxed and welcome and spirited – perhaps its a great spot for a cocktail party and family gathering.  The muted “light” photos are equally lovely but tend to create an atmosphere of control, sophistication and order. 

Color Inspiration for your Rooms

And don't forget if you are building a new home think about your spouse/partner.  Everyone should love the colors in every room, or you can make each space unique to that person's personality.  

A few examples:

  • Designing elements for your infact, toddler or teenager will create a room quite different from the parental retreat – the master suite 
  • Playrooms will be colorful to inspire creativity and fun
  • Offices and libraries tend to be darker inspiring a sophisticated mood and allowing for little distraction
  • The ever popular “man caves” filled with all the things men love most – bars, pool tables, big screen tv's – tend to be dark as if they are trying to scare everyone away when it may be inspired by the general decor of most bars and nighclubs.  It sets just the right nostalgic ambiance for poker night

Take the Color Quiz

Yes, they exist – the color personality test.  You can take it the Real Simple website. Its quick and fun!  (I'm a “Fire” personality) Once you do you will get tips for decorating with this kind of color, and makeover ideas for free.

What color says about your mood and personality

1. Red: The most dominant personality. A visionary and risk-taker: energetic, passionate, tenacious, flamboyant, and courageous.

2. Orange: Balanced both mentally and physically. Happy, loyal, takes each day as it comes.

3. Yellow: Cheerful, charming, magnetic, intelligent, confident, and creative. Somewhat psychic, and enigmatic. A good leader and negotiator.

4. Green: The perfect balance between the physical and mental. Grounded, logical, not easily influenced, rarely judgmental. An intensely loyal friend — and has lots of them.

5. Blue: Optimistic, empathetic, flexible, idealistic, tranquil, patient, devoted. A natural mother.

6. Indigo: A brilliant old soul who is intuitive, sensitive, impulsive, curious, and ambitious, with a great lust for life.

7. Violet: Also an old soul. Intense, cerebral, wise, loving, generous, sentimental, and artistic.

8. Rose: Main qualities are strength, love, and leadership. Turns visions into realities.

9. Gold: Radiates love, joy, compassion, and understanding.

Source: Ellen Kennon, Interior Design, House Beautiful Magazine Excerpt

When it comes to color you can't go “wrong”, after all between fashion and interior design people have created just about every color combination.  And remembers its easy to decorate with color if you start with a neutral pallette.

What is your favorite color to design with?  Where do you go to find the right color for your projects?

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“Color” headline

Light Kitchen

Bright kitchen

Light Bedroom

Bright Bedroom

Light Living Room

Bright Living Room

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