Inspiration from Elle Decor’s Rising Stars of Interior Design 2013

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Inspiration from Elle Decor’s Rising Stars of Interior Design 2013

The 2013 Elle Decor “Design's Rising Stars” is filled with talent and represent interior designers from coast to coast! 

We've chosen some of our favorite projects from each designer that reflect the popular modern look today. 

These homes feature a variety of colors, from contrasting white and black tones to bright infusions from room to room.  You'll note the seamless kitchens with both wood and stainless steel cabinets and accents, as well as other natural metals.  A variety of wood flooring styles create the backdrop for these spaces, including dark wood floors and light oak wood floors.  Walls are constructed from a variety of mediums including full glass, brick, metal, and tiles.  And each designer incorporates their own artistic details whether it is in an accent wall, artwork, furniture or accent rugs.

If you love contemporary design you will love the fresh, open spaces, and eclectic combinations of materials from these up and coming designers!

Nicole Hollis Interior Design, San Francisco, CA

Nicole Hollis' West Coast design firm provides interior design solutions for residential and hospitality projects!  She looks to top fashion designers and artists for inspiration, and incorporates a rich pallet of organic design elements like recycled wood floors, linens, blown glass, and steel. 

This project in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, features clean lines and minimalistic decor, complete with contrasting black and white tones. 










The beautiful oak hardwood floors replaced the existing bamboo floors that were already in place and reorganized the home for great functionality.

Visit the Nicole Hollis website.

BLDGS, Atlanta, GA

Co-founders Brain Bell and David Yocum founded BLDGS in 2006 and have been creating unique and contemporary decors ever since!  They pride themselves on using materials that have their own “aura” and look for materials that present a natural relationship. 

This project, the Ansley Glass House, is a beautiful example of their interior design work. 













It features stainless steel cabinets and appliances running almost the entire length of the kitchen, wood countertops, dark wood floors, and large glass windows and natural light, and white accent walls to complement the darker floors and grey decor.

View the BLDGS website to see more projects.

Lisa Becker, Chicago, IL

Lisa Becker has been featured in many design publications and has been coined many times as an interior designer with an eclectic style that can combine good furniture, good art, and good interior decor “regardless of style, period or price”.  You'll find her homes decorated with textures like wool, leather, bronze, onyx, and teak and a variety of linens and vintage fabrics.

Read more about her on I4Design Magazine .

Katie Lydon, New York, NY

This born and bred Interior Designer from London, has a love for contemporary art, fashion, furniture and architecture, but isn't afraid to mix in traditional and exotic elements to create just the right look. 

This New York residence features a minimalistic design, with striking decorative elements in the throw pillows, artwork, and furniture, and light maple hardwood flooring which helps capture and spread the natural light from the homes large windows.



Visit the Katie Lydon website.

Huffts Projects, Kansas City, MO

This small 9-person firm has designed interiors for projects including retail shops, homes, headquarters and museums.  Matthew Edwin Hufft, director of the firm, points out that including natural materials that speak for themselves in the overall design, is important.  This includes the construction materials used for the hardwood floors, furniture and cabinetry, and designing homes to allow in the natural light. 












View the Huffts Projects website to see their work.

Stephen Chung, Boston, MA

From Design Director for Urbanica to collaboration projects with other architects and designers, Harvard educated architect Stephen Chung brings a wealth of experience to interior design from his work on night clubs, residential and museum projects.  Stephen has been featured on HGTV and Fine Living, and developing a program for PBS around design.  He creates “crisply modern” designs and he loves to use natural materials in warm tones to set the right ambiance.









Visit his website.

Curated. New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA

This bicoastal interior design firm, run by Delta Wright, and Elena Frampton, prides itself on creating interior design spaces that go beyond “trends” for “artful unique spaces for living”.  Their projects feature a variety of textures, fabrics, geometric designs and infusions of colors.

This project in New York features a bold combination of designs and colors that are unique incorporated in each room.  For example, a rich plum color graces the walls of the bar area, while a rug of the same color graces the floor of the living room accented with white painted brick and wainscoting. 


Hardwood floors are finished in a grey-taupe tone revealing slight color variations in the wood – a great backdrop for the overall decor of the home.

Visit the Curated website to see more of their work.

FC Studio, Chicago, IL

Rachel Crowl and Julie Fisher, both architects by trade, create spaces that combine function, comfort, aesthetics and practicality – everything one could ask for. And they have done it time and again in renovation projects, upscale contemporary homes and Chicago-area restaurants. 

This project, coined the “Wicker Park 'Green' House”, has a lot to offer in terms of design inspiration. 










For starters, it proves that a contemporary interior can accommodate a variety of flooring styles.  This home features antique wood floors throughout the living room areas – keeping with the sustainable and “green” design for the home.  You will see natural slate grey tones in the tiles and fireplace, and infusions of colors in strategically located plants, lighting fixtures, wall accents and art. 

Visit the FC Studio website to see more of their work.

Charles De Lisle Workshop, San Francisco, CA

Charles De Lisle opened his own interior design firm in the summer 2012.  His interior design style is adaptive to the environments he wants to create.

He can create a rustic Montana retreat with wide plank antique wood floors, live sawn logs, exposed wood ceilings, reclaimed wood shelving and cabinetry, infused with a contemporary touch in the fabrics, furniture and window treatments.












And design this modern Palo Alto home featuring clean lines, contemporary furniture and industrial-styled floors and walls.










The Delisle Workshop has an eclectic approach to interior design, and he, admittedly, selects “strange combinations to make you think”.

Visit the Charles De Lisle Workshop to see more of this work.

For a complete list of Interior Designers selected for Elle Decor's Design's Rising Stars click here.

Do you have a favorite designer?  What do you love about their work? 

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