Interior Design Around the World – Africa

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Interior Design Around the World – Africa

If you are looking for design inspiration, then you have come to the right place!   The lush habitat and culture of Africa is apparent in the interior design details!

Pale, neutral palettes, represent the natural colors of the landscape and desert, and look great combined with natural wood furniture, leather, and crisp white accents.

African Themed Bedroom With Wide Plank FloorsBut interior design details also feature fresh infusions of colors, just like the flora and fauna of the African landscape.

Textiles and wall decor is an important element to African inspired interior decor, and it takes many forms.


Textiles represent a key interior design element for African Inspired interiors.  Whether it is a cushion for seating, or wall covering.  We found some companies specializing in just such decor elements.

Clinton Friedman – specializing in prints, wallpaper, scatter cushions, floor cushions



Evasonaike – specializing in Cushions, bags, and other textiles





Julie Kouamo – Specializing in fabrics and wall coverings with custom hand painted, hand-printed designs

Floor coverings will range from soft beige wool rugs, to printed animal hides, ensuring a variety of options to choose from, depending on the final design schematic.





Furniture takes many forms when considering African Inspired interiors, ranging from traditional chairs of the contemporary variety to intricately detailed and hand-painted pieces.

Check out these hand-carved and hand-painted designs from St. George of Ethopia.


Looking for something a bit ecclectic, discover Artlantique, a company that specializes in making furniture from dismantled fishing vessels!






Of ir you are moved by something more contemporary and refined then Colonial House Design of Cape Town offers amazing designs.



When it comes to an African inspired interior decor art is going to be a primary focal point for nearly every room.  From wall size paintings, sculptures, tribal artifacts, and other wall coverings art takes on many forms.

We found Atiye Dimma Pulsen, African born scultor.





We also uncovered Muya Ehtiopia, a company offering a variety of decorative artifacts for the home.



With the rich history of Africa, there is a wealth of tribal artifacts to be incorporated into the interior decor.  Lisa Christoffersen provides a home gallery featuring dozens of ideas to incorporate this into your design.


African Themed living wood With Wide Plank FloorsOne final interior design element that comes naturally to Africa inspired decor, pays hommage to vast number of animal species that live there and include animal prints, sculptures, animal hides, and animal skulls.


If you are looking for more ideas you can visit Houzz, or African Daydreams for more inspiration!

How does Africa inspire your interior design? What products do you like to use?

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