Is Your Wide Plank Floor “Oscar Worthy”

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An “oscar” worthy wide plank floor, a truly iconic wide plank wood floor is something we all dream about. 

After all what is the first thing you see when you walk into a home and kick off your shoes – the hardwood floors.  The wood flooring are a major design element of the home.  You could spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful custom kitchen, or a Soapstone fireplace but once you put in the wrong floor you know it – and you regret it.

Just listen to this story from a customer we heard from on Tuesday:

“We built our log home in 2000 and I wanted wide plank flooring then and got information on your floors at that time, but everyone told me I couldn’t have wide plank flooring, with radiant heat, so we went with a wood laminate floor that was supposed to work with radiant heat, but wasn’t what I wanted and it looks terrible.  It doesn’t work with radiant heat.  It split and “cups” and when we decided we wanted to get it replaced because it was under a 30 year warranty we discovered that the company had gone out of business!!”

The Cooks, Vermont

This is not the kind of speech you'd want to give about your hardwood floor.  So take the time and invest in learning about what makes the best kind of wood floor. 

Here are 5 tips to get you off on the right foot:

  1. Quality comes first above all else.  Quality will determine how wide, long, stable your floor is.  It will effect how easy the installation is the outcome of the final finish be it stain or just a sealer.

  2. Dimension.  2 1/4″, 5″ wide are out – if you want a wide plank floor that you will rave about choose 8″ or 10″.  You get a better look and less seams which means your room look bigger and less busy.

  3. Color is fleeting.  The wood you choose for your home should last forever, the color you put on it may not due to normal changes in interior design style over the years.  The White Wash you loved when you first built the home could turn into Jacobean brown in just a few years.  Don't choose a wood just because its the right color, because you could have a very low quality wood underneath that will not be pleasing after a few years.

  4. Floors are the hardest things to replace down the road.  Lighting fixtures, paint colors on the wall, furniture are easily replaced but your doors, your windows and your floors are the timeless items that will last the longest in your home.  Invest in the right products and you will be more satisfied and save money

  5. Budget early.  If you are planning a new building or remodeling project plan ahead for your floor budget, don't settle for the standard allowance of $10 per square foot. You will end up with a cheap strip Oak floor that you'll want to replace in a matter of months.

And if you are interested in the Academy Award Oscar Nominations check out this link from USA today for the video:

Are you watching the oscars this year?  If you could install any kind of floor in place of the Red Carpet what would it be?

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