Luxury Styles for a Fashion-Forward Home

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Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an older one, every detail counts. You can be timeless or you can be a trendsetter, but one thing is certain: choosing high-quality, luxurious products is an investment that will serve you well for years to come. Investing in high-end materials and fixtures means choosing goods that will last for a long time, which provides a much more satisfying return on your investment than cheap commodities that will need to be replaced.

To make smart choices in your design, it’s a good idea to think about fashion-forward design rather than fly-by-night trends. An investment in luxury-grade fixtures is an investment in your personal style to set your home apart. Consider these luxury design ideas for your fashion-forward home:

Custom Cabinetry and Stately Built-ins

Nothing says luxury like custom carpentry that turns ordinary walls into a seamless display area for books, artwork and collections. Floor-to-ceiling library shelves recessed in paneled walls help maximize your space while adding the warm tones of natural hardwood for a rich look. Custom woodworking is more expensive than freestanding furniture, but it allows you to tailor your storage to get a perfect fit. Be sure to work with an experience cabinetmaker for unforgettable results that will stand the test of time.

Marble Countertops

Designer Christopher Peacock, famous for custom cabinetry with clean lines and color that has been widely imitated, said in a recent interview that his style is “understated, elegant and timeless.” His own kitchen is the perfect example of how a classic material like white marble countertops always works well. It’s a high-end choice that’s never fallen out of favor, and Peacock recommends them as a “trend” that never gets old. You can emulate Peacock’s subtle approach by combining white marble countertops with white cabinets, or you can pair them with natural wood or on-trend painted cabinets for a luxurious workspace.

Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Architectural Digest featured a variety of colorful, high-end kitchen appliances this spring, and surprising splashes of color were spotted on ranges, refrigerators and even dishwashers. Smeg has long been known for its brightly colored, retro-chic refrigerators, but they’ve also introduced a stand-out red dishwasher. La Corune also introduced absolutely stunning gas ranges in a rainbow of European-inspired colors and rich detail. These are high-impact pieces that can drive the palette of your entire home, so choose one you love to make this look work for you.

Wide Plank Floors

Wood floors have always had a place in home design, but over the years the boards have shrunk down into thin strips with loads of seams to keep costs down. That’s changing in high-end homes, and wide plank flooring is back in grand style. Carlisle Floors customizes luxury wood floors in a rainbow of pine, hardwoods and reclaimed planks for a one-of-kind look. Planks of up to 20 inches in width maximize the beauty of the grain, and forward-thinking designers are installing them on the diagonal or in herringbone patterns to maximize visual interest.

Artistic Pendant Lamps

The right pendant lamp, according to DWELL, provides the perfect blend of focused and ambient light. They can also be a focal point in any room, especially when hung at eye level over a dining table or kitchen island. The first-ever pendant lamp appeared at a Paris exhibition in 1925, and historically accurate recreations of that piece are available from designer Louis Poulsen. Choose bright lacquered finishes for a modern touch or matte shades to blend in a more traditional home.

Dimensional Ceramic Tiles

Bathrooms and kitchens get an eye-popping upgrade when dimensional tiles replace standard flat squares and rectangles. Walker Zanger has a new collection of tiles that take walls and backsplashes into the realm of high art. Muted tones and interesting shapes — including tessellated hourglasses, hexagons and triangles — add rhythm to rooms, while the three-dimensional raised ledges create texture. Dimensional tiles can be used en masse or embedded as highlights among more traditional tiles, but installation requires a seasoned professional, as they are more difficult to work with.

Colorful, Curvy Accent Chairs

Plush, luxurious seating is a must in any well-designed home — how else will you be able to sit back and enjoy all that design work? Traditional Home magazine has noted a sharp uptick in the use of color in accent pieces, and curvaceous showstoppers are popping up everywhere from the family room to walk-in closets to add a flash of life to any space. Maine Cottage has bright wingback and club chairs in an assortment of candy-colored fabrics and leathers, while designer Rick Lee’s Feliz swivel chair is petite enough to place in any room.

No matter what furniture and fixtures you ultimately choose for your home, you can’t go wrong with high-end materials and expert design. These items bring lasting beauty into your home and will stand the test of time. Trends may come and go, but great design and quality construction never go out of style.

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