Makeover Ideas for your Living Room

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Makeover Ideas for your Living Room

All rooms can start to look a little tired and dull after a time, especially coming off a long, cold winter!

As the cold, dark days of winter are gradually banished by the advent of spring, where the natural world is reborn after long hibernation, it’s the perfect time to think about the rebirth of rooms in the home.

Next to the kitchen, a Living Room or Family Room can be a very popular room to remodel.  Maybe you want a fresh coat of paint or new furniture, or its time to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring.  Here’s some simple ideas to help you on your way!

A fresh look

Seasonal change is the ideal catalyst for planning to redecorate the living room. It’s such an important space in the home, where family and friends gather to talk and play, or simply a place to put the feet up in the evening with a favorite TV program or piece of music.

Walnut Wood Floors In Living RoomA new color scheme can help throw off those winter blues, lightening and brightening the room with a fresh and attractive appeal. Shades of green to mirror the burgeoning of nature outside the window can be matched with yellow hues to capture the essence of sunshine. Hints of pink, lilac and red can echo the flowering plants and shrubs that are waiting to burst into bloom.

Thinking about themes

wide plank flooring in beach houseLiving rooms can be transformed with a simple thematic idea running through the decoration. Spring makes the thoughts turn to the natural world, for walks and rambles in the open air, or gently lazing away the time on a sandy beach with the calm lapping of ocean waves as a relaxing backdrop.

Wallpaper or stenciled motifs on a painted wall can suggest and reflect nature, so leaves and fern patterns will make the connection. Too much patterning can make a room feel smaller than it is, so these features should be used sparingly.

A nautical theme can be brought to life with shades of blue on the walls and suitable floor coverings, and stenciling some shells and sailboats on walls will add that sea-going touch.

Other touches to add to themes include a simple vase of flowers, an added splash of color, or a bowl of shells collected from the seashore. Artworks make a statement in a living room, so an attractive landscape featuring mountains and lakes, flowers and trees will grace an environmental theme.

None of these touches need be expensive. The aim is to please the eye and evoke an ambience of calm relaxation.

Windows and light

The right choice for window coverings is essential. If curtains are too heavy or closely patterned they can detract from the light and airy space being created.

Shutters, as seen throughout Mediterranean Europe as well as southern states in the US, are a practical and appealing choice.

Hardwood shutters in particular are a long-lasting option, and their slats can be adjusted either by hand or by remote control to manage the amount of light that comes into the room.

What are your interior design plans for spring and summer?

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