Meet Our Custom Hand Finishing Technician

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For the past six years Matt Morin, also known as Moby, has been our Custom Hand Finishing Technician. What does a Custom Hand Finishing Technician do? Matt and his co-worker’s hand finish custom stair parts, vents and other accessories that accompany Carlisle custom wood floors.

Custom Hand Finishing
The Work Begins with our Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

The hand-finish process begins after the customer’s prefinished floor is complete. This is necessary for our Prefinishing team to get a general sense of the overall color in the floor and make sure the color compliments the prefinished hardwood flooring.  Since every tree is unique, so is the color palette of every floor. Once the floor has been finished, several boards are saved and then used to ensure the color and sheen (and possibly texture) of the accessories are consistent with the finished hardwood flooring. Some, usually subtle, variations are unavoidable, and are typically dictated by wood tones, grain patterns, etc.  Every piece Matt finishes is done by hand; there is no automated process for his work.

Challenge Accepted: Matching Color Is an Art

When asked what the most challenging aspect of the job is, Matt explained: “It is especially challenging given that we are never face-to-face with our customers. We have to do our best to put ourselves in their shoes and ensure that what we are doing meets their standards.” One of the most challenging expectations to meet is the overall color of the accessories. Matching the color tones is an art and may easily take several hours, but as craftsmen, achieving the color and tone match to the client’s hardwood flooring is also the most satisfying part of the job – no two orders are ever the same. Matt agreed, “It’s not cookie-cutter work and it keeps you thinking and creating all the time.”

Custom Hand FinishingA Feeling of Accomplishment

At the end of the day, Matt reflected on his position at Carlisle by saying, “It’s satisfying to see a job completed and leave our facility en route to the customer, feeling we’ve done our best and that someone will really enjoy the work and skill we put into their home.” We agree, Matt, and know that true craftsmen like you are the reason everything we make is so much more than just a floor.

View this project in Reston, Virginia featuring our wide Ash hardwood flooring and a custom hand- finished stairway.

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