Meet a Carlisle Craftsman – Pete Stasko

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Meet a Carlisle Craftsman – Pete Stasko

“Unique Personal Talents that Produce a High Quality Product”

When he is not getting a “hole-in-one” at the local golf courses, outdoors on his 4-wheeler or spending time with his wife and daughter Ashli and Merrit, Pete Stasko is spending his days finishing the beautiful wide plank floors wood floors that are crafted at Carlisle every day with the custom stains and finishes that our customers have come to love.

Pete has worked with Carlisle for many years and has been exposed to the many wood flooring options available today.   He knows that what we do at Carlisle is different and, even what Pete does day to day makes the floors different.  Every board that goes into every floor is unique and if you are a true Carlisle craftsman you can bring out the character in each board.  Whether it’s a formal Cherry wood floor  or a rustic wood flooring, like Pine wood flooring, it is up to Pete and his team to bring out the beauty and think outside the box to bring every floor to life.

Pete’s ability to bring each floor to life for every client can only be done through the hands-on custom approach we take to building each wood floor.  Mass-produced wood floors are made by a machine while, Carlisle floors are crafted and finshed by real people who look at each board.  So Pete can make decisions about each floor board such as:

* Is this board right or wrong for this floor design based on the grade

* Is the color is coming out right compared to the control sample

* Does the floor need more or less character

* Do the boards pass the post-finish inspections for adhesion and sheen

And most of all if there is a decision to be made he can rely on his team in the manufacturing and pre-finishing department to work with him to always make the floor right.

That is the hands of level of quality you can expect from Carlisle. 

Pete is proud to work for Carlisle, contribute to the team, and build beautiful wood floors but most of all he wants Carlisle clients to be proud of the floor they choose and the investment they make in Carlisle for their project.

Learn more about our Custom Coat Prefinish and Request a Brochure to start designing your wide plank floor.

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