Personalized Radiant Heat System Design from Warmboard

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Personalized Radiant Heat System Design from Warmboard

When designing a radiant heating system for your home there are several factors to consider in order to ensure the system is setup for optimal performance. The best way to do this is to get a Heat Loss assessment of the property.

A Heat Loss and Mechanical Design takes into account the architectural plans, building materials and weather history from your geographical location to help specify the types of hardware you need to ensure the system is running optimally and your home is always comfortable. By measuring the heating requirements for individual rooms, or areas, you’ll know the correct water temperatures to run and the type of boiler and circulation pumps that are needed. This ensures the system is specified properly and that your money is spent wisely, not paying too much for a boiler that is far too large for what you need or a smaller components that won’t have enough power to adequately heat your home.

At Warmboard, our Design Project Summary documents the required flow rates for each loop and the pressure drop from each loop. It also includes the total BTU’s required and the necessary water temperatures to heat each room. This information is essential when determining the size of the circulation pumps. The Design Summary also includes a complete plumbing schematic that lists all the mechanical components needed to assemble the boiler room. Each component is specified by brand name and model number which is very handy when making the necessary purchases for the mechanical room.

We specify the pipe sizing requirements for all distribution lines that serve the manifolds as well as the copper piping and the piping layout schematic in the boiler room; all necessary for the purchase and installation of all copper piping.

Finally, our design work includes control schematics that document the electrical components needed to operate the heating system. All electrical components are specified by brand name and model number. Included are details of wiring and location of each electrical component. This information is necessary to purchase electrical components and assemble the controls system.

Our designs are specific for each home and account for heating needs, occupant comfort, operating efficiency, system reliability and serviceability. They are uncomplicated and will reduce costs by preventing unnecessary labor and/or material expense. These plans incorporate all heating components, including Warmboard, tubing in slab and supplemental heat sources, as needed. In the field, general contractors can have knowledgeable plumbers install the radiant system with the level of detail provided, as can a competent DIY homeowner.

Our designs are also a means to consistent comparisons. All heating professionals can bid to the same standard, making less work and less confusion for the General Contractor and heating professional. They also serve as a complete record set of the heating system for homeowners, future owners, and service technicians.

We offer four mechanical options, including:
1. Boiler only
2. Combination boiler with indirect domestic hot water tank
3. Evolution combination heating and domestic hot water
4. Geothermal heat pump/combination heating and domestic water loads

Warmboard makes it straightforward to have professional Heat Loss and Mechanical designs done for your project. We will work with you to design a system that attains unsurpassed performance and ultimate peace of mind.
To learn more about our HLMD services, visit or call 1.877.338.5493.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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