#PetsOnPlanks: Why Carlisle is Rallying for Rebound Hounds

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The Story Behind Saving NYC’s Shelter Animals

Karen’s Four Foster Fails

At Carlisle, we’re not only passionate about our handcrafted flooring products, we’re also passionate about our people. Karen Robinson, Manufacturing Systems and Quality Manager, has been a longtime employee for Carlisle for over fifteen years. She has also had four foster fails. In other words she has adopted four — FOUR! — rescue dogs: Layla, Bishop, Zoe and most recently, Chase. She also fostered many more before turning them over to their forever homes. When we were presented with the opportunity to support Karen and her work with Rebound Homes it was a no brainer. The more we learned about how this nonprofit changes the lives of both the shelter dogs and the humans they call guardians, the more we knew we had to join her in supporting this extraordinary cause.

Rebound Hounds Rescue Dogs, Karen Robinson

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.

Rebound Hounds rescues otherwise homeless dogs from the over-population crisis of the Animal Care Centers of NYC. NYC-ACC is an open admission shelter, which means they accept every abandoned animal that comes through their doors, regardless of the animal’s medical or behavioral condition. NYC-ACC is not a kill-free shelter – we’ll leave it at that. Rebound Hounds steps in to save the lives of shelter dogs so they can go on to live happy, healthy lives, spent joyfully wagging their tails. To date, Rebound Hounds has saved over 2,000 dogs and helped them recover from their pasts.
A Happy #PetsOnPlanks Rebound Hounds FosterDog

Their Mission – Finding the Perfect Match.

Every dog deserves a home, but not just any home will do. Since November of 2010, Rebound Hounds has been formally dedicated to making a difference in the lives of shelter animals as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Each dog they place undergoes temperament evaluation before being paired with an adopter whose lifestyle, experience, tolerance and expectations are well suited for that specific animal. And then they stay in touch. They continue to collaborate with the owner to offer help, support and advice for both the human and his best friend. Rebound Hounds’ goal is to make successful matches that result in lifelong happiness for both the adopter and adoptee.

The Birth of #PetsOnPlanks.

We wanted to get the word out about Rebound Hounds and had the perfect audience in mind – our clients. We have been in business for 50+ years and we continually receive hand-written thank you cards and emails containing photos of happy pets and people loving the life they live on their Carlisle wide plank floors. Our homeowners are aware of the positive effect their furry, four-legged friends have on their families and on people’s hearts and we knew they would want to share our mission and support this compassionate cause by giving to other hounds who were less fortunate.

The #PetsOnPlanks Facebook campaign was born! We announced that for every photo submitted of an animal on one of our floors, we would donate $5 to Rebound Hounds and the submissions rolled in! We’re proud to join Rebound Hounds in the mission of creating lifesaving communities for people and the pets they love.

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Want to see more? On Facebook you can browse the furry faces of the featured #PetsOnPlanks animals that have helped their fellow four legged friends have a chance at lifelong happiness.

Considering adopting a dog? Go to Rebound Hounds to learn more about the organization and to see dogs that are available for adoption.

Want to donate? You can Donate Directly to support the cause. You can also contribute by purchasing the children’s story “Bishop and the Bully” written by the co-founder of Rebound Hounds. We love this story! It contains beautiful, unique “paper mosaic” collage illustrations and the proceeds benefit Rebound Hounds.

Shop on Amazon? Join Amazon Smile – it’s free and they will donate .05% of your eligible purchases to the charity of your choice. Just make sure to login under smile.amazon.com each time. Rebound Hounds is one of the charities you can choose from and every little bit helps.

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