Preferred Installer Seth Olivo gives us 10 Reasons to Love Carlisle Floors

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We asked installer Seth Olivo recently for some feedback on why he likes worked with Carlisle Floors.  We were excited and amazed to get his response.  We take our floors for granted because we help clients design floor everyday but getting the perspective of an installer who works with them everyday gives us a new appreciation for what we do. 

When I work with with a Carlisle floor I:

1. Reduce installation time up to 20%

2. Rarely sand a carlisle floor because of the quality of the milling – if I do it is only a light sand for cleaning purposes saving valuable time

3. Can expect consistancy of quality, one of the main appeals of the carlisle product.

4. Confidently promise a customer high quality flooring with no doubts about getting it.

5. Know Carlisle sends only the best over and over, unlike other companies that send what they have.

6. Can specify charactrr and grade in any mix a customer wants creating truly custom floors, because they custom mill each floor

7. Know they control the entire milling process and are not just middlemen. I believe this allows them to understand and stand behind the product. Issues are quikly dealt with and resolved in house.

8. Save time and money picking out finish with customers because Carlisle provide samples and has there own finishes to provide with the floors. It is nice to have a proven finishing system in place, it takes a lot of stress out of job preperation knowing you have the tools to give the customer the finish they want.

9. Know the milling is outstanding. There is no wrestling to get these boards to fit together and the fit is dead on.  The material straight and stable.

10. Will get almost no call backs from customers on Carlisle floors that I have put in over the years past and when I do it is usually for a fresh coat of finish.

My expierence with Carlisle has been very positive. The quality and consitancy of there product has helped me provide countless customers with truly beatiful one of a kind floors. Their customer service is unmatched and l have always feel they care and stand behind the product.  I have always recieved answers quickly and support both on site and with material when needed.  Customer support is a real srength with Carlisle. From a technical stand point Carlisle is ahead of the curve.

In working in many exclusive homes I have reapeatidly heard the Carlisle floors make the house. People are wowed by the length, width and overall beauty of these floors. They speak for themselves and find that once a customer has one installed.  That is why I get alot of repeat buisness and referals once someone sees the floor and wants one for themselves. 

If you are looking for an installer in New England, contact Seth at 603-209-0808 or email him and see his work around New England.

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