Quick Ways to Brighten Up the Winter Home

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For some of us, the countdown to “falling forward” to daylight savings time is on, especially if the winter blues or winter weather has kept you cooped up inside. You and your home might be ready for a little makeover to brighten up your interiors and make way for the refreshing feeling of spring and all the colors that come with it. Today, we’ll look at some quick ways to brighten up your home.

White Oak hardwood flooringUpdate Your Window Coverings

One of the easiest things you can do in your interior spaces, to brighten them up, is starting to switch out window coverings if you have chosen heavier, darker drapes and curtains for winter. Lighter, sheer curtains are a great choice as they help filter in the sunlight and make the room brighter.

Since winter isn’t quite over yet, you can hang sheers curtains and keep your heavier drapes so you can adjust them throughout the day as you want to brighten up the room or adjust to the cooler climate outdoor. Another adjustment you can make to your window fashion is to adjust your curtains rods. According to PureWow on the huffingtonpost.com, you raise your rods up higher, and/or set them beyond the actual window frame. This makes the room seem larger, giving the illusion of height. It also gives you more space to open up your curtains to take full advantage of outside sunlight.

Lighter Colors Brighten up Any Space

If you are selecting new interior décor items, white his always going to brighten up a room the most. It also serves as a natural palette no matter kind of décor you prefer. See some examples from savvyhomeblog.com. This can be a challenge if you have little kids, so feel free to protect your sofa, armchairs and other furniture with decorative throws and pillows. This will give the room a pop of color and make them more kid friendly and cozy.

White is a daring color, it might seem too clean, too modern, too boring, whatever the aversion may be, you can opt for neutrals like soft tan, beige, and cream colors; they aren’t quite so start, white and bright, but they still serve the same purpose of keeping a room bright. In fact, neutral colors are classic and soothing to the senses, according to House Beautiful March 2016, page 108, “Neutrals Now – Who Says Beige is Boring!”. This article features the work of Interior Designer John De Batiani.

If your room needs more than just furniture, consider painting your ceilings white — especially if it is dark and industrial looking to begin with. This is common in residential spaces in old buildings and factories which might still have antique wood ceilings and old brick walls.

If your space needs new wood flooring, there are dozens of options today that can be installed in a weekend, like our Prefinished Oak Flooring.
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Bring the Outdoors Inside

Depending on where you live, the only greenery you may be seeing out your windows is dried up hardwoods with twisting limbs, or greenery of resident conifers. Maybe it is time to invest in a houseplant to bring some refreshing greenery to the inside of your home.

Plus, having plants in the home provide other benefits according to treehugger.com:

  • They Assist in Breathing
  • They help deter illness
  • They clean the air
  • They boost healing
  • They help you work better
Spring is right around the corner, take some steps now to update your home as you make the final push to brighter days.
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