Quirky Design Ideas for your Kitchen

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Quirky Design Ideas for your Kitchen

The term quirky can be applied to many things; people, films, clothing, diets and yes, kitchen design ideas. In these days of modern contemporary kitchens, where clean lines and space-age surfaces rule, is there really room for quirky design ideas?

Well yes, there certainly is! Being quirky doesn't mean that stylish and cool need to be abandoned at the kitchen door.






Quirky kitchen design ideas usually spring directly from a need to adapt to certain idiosyncrasies in the layout of the space, or a complete lack of space due to its size. Equally, they can be inspired by off-beat and unusual interior design tastes of home owners, or increasingly in these straitened times, the need to save money and cut corners – necessity being the mother of invention. Sometimes budget restrictions have really positive effects on a kitchen interior scheme as more effort and ingenuity is needed to achieve success.

Here are a number of easy suggestions for introducing offbeat quirky ideas into the kitchen that will make it stand out against the others.


Effective kitchen lighting is key to a successful design. Some spaces, like task areas, need to be treated conventionally – practical considerations and functionality should not be jettisoned in favor of tricky ideas or indulgences.

Kitchen lighting can get quirky when it comes to featuring lights such as pendants or globes suspended above the dining table, for example. An art deco glass shade, a kitsch chandelier, vintage lantern or shiny modernist capsule in primary Perspex can all look equally stunning, without being predictable.

Let quirky run riot with large statement lights such as pendants, either singly or in sets. With an enormous array of colors, sizes and styles available, there is bound to be a design that looks just perfect.

New cabinets

A tired kitchen is easily invigorated with new cabinets, either newly installed cabinets, or just resurfacing the cabinets you already have!

If it all it needs is new cabinets, check out cabinets wholesale and start from scratch again.  When selecting cabinets and establishing your new kitchen layout, remember to replicate all the things you loved about your old cabinets, and avoid all the things that annoyed you. 

Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is possible, and you can choose from a variety of resurfacing options.  You can paint, stain, or just refinish your cabinets to give them a whole new look.  Also consider installing new hardware to dress it up or dress it down. 

Welcome quirky into the cuisine with unusual color schemes, door finishes and hardware at the fraction of the cost of new cabinets

Work surfaces 

Countertops are an important surface in any home.  When they look good and function well, countertops really steal the show.








Whether it's a polished granite surface or oiled hardwood, the material chosen can make all the difference.

For an unusual twist, some home decorators like to re-use old floorboards, pieces of antique furniture, attractive ceramic tiles and even polished cement. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to countertops, as long as they are practical as well as pretty.


If you are going for quirky don't be afraid to mix in some color!  Choose a color for your accent walls and then mix that into your appliance selections and other decor. 

And don't be afraid to contrast color schemes to really make the space “pop”. 

You can add color to a more contemporary kitchen….







… and even in naturally quirky eclectic kitchens










The secret to a successfully quirky design scheme in the kitchen is to make it personal. Even if a lot of the basics are generic manufactured pieces, there is scope to individualize the space by accenting with well-chosen accessories. Source interesting ceramics from flea markets, jewel colored table linens and yard sale furniture combined with family photos and a railway station wall clock – all these will hang together harmoniously in a kitchen with the quirk factor.

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