Renovation Resolutions Part 4 – Brighten up your Colors

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Renovation Resolutions Part 4 – Brighten up your Colors

2014 appears to be the year of the color.  You can look forward to bright, buttery yellows, versatile muted teal and vibrant purples like radiant orchid.

2014 Colors of the Year for Interior Design from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors





Are you nervous about using these colors in your home?  So many interiors today feature a neutral color pallet with grays, white, tans and other natural tones.  So making the switch to these kinds of vibrant colors may take some time. But it is worth it!  Just check out some of the fantastic interiors and products we uncovered!

Turning Oakleaf

PPG Voice of Color

If you love the tone of yellow, but don’t care for the brightness, then Turning Oakleaf is the yellow for you.  Think of a glowing sun sifting through a hazy fog.

When decorating with this color think of how much it will brighten up your room, no matter what the weather is like outside. Or hang some beautiful drapes or curtains like these ones we found on Pinterest.  Wayfair has the Omnia Furniture Princeton Leather Chair that would be a good fit.  You can even find this color in wood floor options with Sincerity from our Elegant Collection.

PPG Turning Oakleaf color The Year 2014 from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Radiant Orchid

Pantone Color of the Year 2014

Radiant purple cabinetry grace the library and office from The  The Haute House Chair from Horchow would be a timeless furniture piece in a classic or modern decor, and give you room just the right pop of color.  Combine that with some fun textiles like pillows and throws from a company like De-cor.

Muted Teal Interiors With Wood Floors


Muted Teal

AkzoNobel Color Futures 2014

Tilton Fenwick has a fantastic muted teal couch, we found this on and Tilton Fenwick has a new site coming out this Spring so be sure to check it out.  Look to the bedroom, and headsboards, like this one California Home & Design Magazine.  This color is so versatile you can offset it with something simple, like white, or blend it with a variety of colors to create more or less contrast.  Modern or ecclectic it’s up to you!  You can even look to the kitchen cabinets like this one we found in Better Homes & Gardens.


What colors are going to inspire you this year?

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