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Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

Carlisle has been crafting authentic wide plank floors for 50 years, so we gasp a little bit at the thought of laminate flooring, as it has not been associated with wide plank flooring — until now. Modern design and manufacturing technology can create laminate flooring that has a very strong resemblance to the “real thing” and therefore more desirable in the industry.

Experience has taught us that for some projects laminate flooring may be the best option, and even though it is readily available in the industry, wide plank laminate flooring is much less common.

It is important to explore and understand the styles available, the benefits of this floating flooring style, and the quality characteristics you should look for.

Wide plank Laminate Flooring & Floating flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

What to Look For

Laminate flooring was first introduced to the North American market in early 1990’s, since then, it has grown in popularity as an affordable floor covering for residential and commercial spaces.  But not all laminate floors are created equal.  There are certain characteristics you should look for in a wide plank laminate floor to determine its quality and durability as well as the look you can expect.

If you want to replicate the look of a wood floor then you want wider widths and longer lengths. For example, the wide plank laminate flooring from the Largo Collection is All 7 ¼” wide and all 60” long.

You also want to know the “repeat frequency “. Since wide plank laminate flooring is essentially flooring made from a picture of wood flooring you don’t want every board to be identical. On average a laminate floor will repeat its pattern every 3-6 boards. Carlisle wide plank laminate flooring has a repeat frequency of every 60 boards due to a custom manufacturing process. This will create a more authentic look.

Lastly, unlike solid wood flooring laminate flooring is manufactured from multiple layers and glued together to create a laminate board. Recent industry news reports manufacturers offering laminate flooring with high levels of unhealthy chemicals that can off-gas into a home, impacting air healthy quality. Do your research to make sure the flooring and the products that go into making it, won’t impact the indoor air health quality of your home or business. The laminate flooring should comply with California Air Resources Board (CARB), California Indoor Air quality standards (01350), European Healthy Home and/or SCS Floor Score certified.

The Look

With the right design, you can create stunning looks from wide plank laminate flooring.

Peruse the Largo collection below for ideas.

Wide Plank Laminate Flooring & Floating Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

The Benefits

There are benefits to installing wide plank laminate flooring.

  •  Can be installed in almost any room of the house, at any level, and on almost any subfloor – as long as the proper moisture barrier is in place and installation process followed.
  • The wide plank laminate flooring from Carlisle consists of interlocking pieces — similar to a regular wide plank wood floor — so the boards can expand and contract as they need to. The Torlys Uniclic&r joint resists ugly gapping when you maintain proper humidity levels.
  • Laminate flooring is naturally resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria and the laminate flooring available from Carlisle complies with CARB2 standards, European Healthy Home E1 requirements, and California Section 01350 indoor air quality standards.
  • The laminate flooring available from Carlisle is made from extremely wear resistant melamine resin and aluminum oxide that is warrantied for up to 35 years
  • If you move, you can take it with you…you don’t have to glue the laminate flooring down to a subfloor. As a floating floor you can install it and uninstall it if you want to replace it, or move it into another room, or another property.

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Wide plank solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring will always have a place in the market for clients who prefer wider boards, longer lengths, and a true wood floor feel and look, but if the project requires something at a lower cost, wide plank laminate flooring is an excellent option.
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