Renovation & Revitalization: Stress-Free Ways to Update Your Home

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Dreaming of your perfect house begins with a not-so-perfect process. From budgeting and planning, to dealing with rooms in partial-working order, home renovations can wreak havoc on your daily routine. Ensure the hard work isn’t all for naught by focusing on upgrades that promise long-term peace of mind.

Smart Appliances

Home remodels are all about personal preference, but don’t forget to keep resale value in mind. The benefits of upgrading appliances not only provide you with stress-free living and energy savings, but also make your home more desirable for future sale. Go beyond stainless steel and treat yourself to the latest high-tech appliances. Word to the wise homeowner, protect your investment with a trusted home warranty that can put your mind at ease and protect all the shiny new additions to your home. Not sure which appliances provide the best bang for your buck? Try these to start:

  • Smart fridge: Samsung is taking the household refrigerator from ordinary to high-tech. More than good looks, its latest Family Hub Refrigerator has an embedded camera that monitors your food, taking a picture every time the door is closed (letting you check remotely if you’re running low on milk). The fridge, not yet on the market, will also have sophisticated humidity and temperature sensors.
  • Wash smart: Whirlpool’s smart dishwasher features their proprietary 6th Sense Live technology to ensure you’re always using your appliance at utmost energy efficiency. Smart energy features like the Energy Advisor tracks how much energy your appliance is using.

Protect the Nest

Invest in a safe haven for your family with renovations that safeguard the home. Security upgrades may not seem as attractive as new flooring or fixtures but, the latest products in home security are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

  • Windows: Popular Mechanics reports that big companies like Pella are making products that meet hurricane standards. Even if you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, these tough-as-nails windows will protect you from both potential intruders and nature’s wrath. Popular Mechanics also states the windows cost 45 to 60 percent more than traditional windows, but you get glass built to withstand a 2×4 flying end to end at 34mph. As an added bonus, these thick-paned windows are highly energy efficient and noise resistant.
  • Doors: Never worry about losing keys again. The Kwikset Kevo deadbolt works with your smartphone to grant easy yet secure home access. Kwikset Kevo’s military-grade PKI encryption recognizes your device and allows you to enter your home with the touch of keypad. You’ll never have to worry about lost or stolen keys. You can also send temporary access to house guests or service providers and monitor their entry and exit times.

Floating Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors & Torlys Smart Floors

Quick Upgrades from Quality Products

When you are involved in a home remodeling project, expediency is definitely top of mind, especially when you get to the end of your project and it is time to select and install new floor covering. Installing a new wide plank floor is one of the best ways to totally transform a space, but there are many misconceptions about how long this process takes and what products are available.

There are dozens of options available today that provide quick upgrades with quality floor covering options. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a great option if you want to save money, still get a wide plank wood flooring look. Wide plank laminate flooring is also affordable and easy to install.

In fact, anytime you select a prefinished wood floor you are going to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete your flooring project. There are some floors that you can even pull up and take with you if you ever move or remodel again, now what could be more convenient than that!

Functional DIY

A functional home makes a happy homeowner. Save money, simplify your life, reduce stress and increase your home’s value with these easy updates that are perfect for DIYers.

  • Upgrade your storage: Installing soft-closing hinges and slides can elevate your kitchen’s status and add a high-end touch without breaking the bank. Even the least handy homeowners can tackle this easy update. Check out Rockler’s Roller Runners for your drawers and Blumotion Compact Hinge Adapters for your cabinets.
  • Lighten up: Rethink everything you know about light bulbs. Today’s high-tech options are energy efficient. Insteon’s LED Bulb is fully remote controllable; everything from on and off to brightness and scheduling all adjusted with your smartphone when used with the Insteon Hub.

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If you are looking for a floor for your renovation project, start gathering ideas with a free catalog.
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