Set Your Holiday Table with Style

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There are few traditions greater than gathering with friends and family to enjoy a meal during the holiday season. An invitation to a table that has been carefully designed brings forth a feeling of gratitude, togetherness, and peace. It tells you that you are loved, welcome, and worthy of such preparation. And it sets the stage for a time of making memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Creating this mini “landscape” can be just as enjoyable as the actual event, as it prompts you to unpack your seasonal décor, open the china cabinet, and set your table in whichever way your holiday spirit desires! To help channel your inner designer, we have collected some ideas to keep your list in check!

Our 5 Must Haves for Your Holiday Tablescape:

decorate your holiday table with festive pumpkins

1. Holiday Hues

Nothing boasts great taste more than a table decorated with festive hues! This includes your overall presentation, including the center of your tabletop and everything else from linens, to place settings and fresh garnishes. The goal is to select a palette from which to design.

Traditional values include red and green, as in “boughs of Holly,” Tartan plaid, or “silver and gold”… you get the idea! A modern and spunkier spin could be to switch it up with brights like hot pink, lime green, sky blue, and fuchsia. Or, if you are looking an earthy, cottage, or farmhouse feel, a combo of plum, burgundy, mossy greens and pinecone browns will bring it home!

2. Fresh and Fabulous

We know we are giving you five, but this one is a MUST! If you were to investigate all of the best tablescapes ever created, you’d find they all boast an element of fresh! Flowers. Greenery. A collection of gourds or fruits of the harvest. This is a time of celebration and a time to give thanks! A display of the wonderful gifts of the earth can really capture the mood and help emphasize the food you are bringing to the table — and it will it look and smell amazing! Your table doesn’t have to include the formality of flowers or horns of plenty! Get creative with branches, pinecones, or even antlers! Now go… nature is calling!

3. Make the Mood

Have you ever had the experience of having dinner at a restaurant when the lights suddenly dim for the evening? While it’s not a huge surprise, it certainly causes you to pause for a moment, and possibly feel like your experience just became a little more inviting. You can have the same effect on your guests by making sure your illumination is thoughtfully placed and adjusted before you sit down. Start with cream candles of any size and integrate them as needed down the center of your table. Nothing compares to the soft glow and flickering of a candlelight dinner! Next, think about your chandelier or overhead lighting. Using your dimmer switch, adjust all to the appropriate brightness, depending on the time of day, to ensure your tabletop is the star of the show!

nothing compares to the soft glow and flickering of a candlelight dinner

4. Heirloom Quality

Like the “something old” donned by a beautiful bride, tabletop perfection can be yours by adding the same. For many, this will probably include formal tabletop and flatware that has been passed down from generation to generation. Your grandmother’s Christmas dinner linens. Your parent’s crystal stemware. An antique vase gifted to you on your wedding day. Cherished items like these hold life stories of the past, and making them part of the celebration indicates their worth. Every festive holiday dinner conversation should include the opener, “Remember when…”

Essential Collection Dark Wood Flooring with table

5. Razzle Dazzle ‘Em

Special occasions call for a little extra sparkle and shine — something attributed to a variety of items making up your beautiful tablescape! Reflective quality is key and can be traced to a crystal chandelier, spotless stemware, mirrored trays or gilded centerpieces. Gold rimmed plates and polished silver will also do their part. It’s all about balancing the shimmer so when it’s time to shine, it all works together to create a masterful work of art! If your razzle starts overhead, then carefully carry it through to each place setting. If your overhead is less formal, your shine may be seen in a reflection of color and greens through your wine glasses and silverware. Don’t overthink; just use your own intuition to reflect the mood!

Stick to these simple tricks and your dining experience will embody everything you need to raise a glass with the ones you love and celebrate the season in style!

Cheers from our table to yours, and from forest to floor!

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