Shades of Gray — The Hot “New” Neutral

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According to the World Floor Covering Association, “gray tones are now one of the hottest options in hardwood flooring.”

Sleek and stylish, grays have become so popular over the last few years because they accentuate the grain and texture of a wood floor while not fighting with other colors in the room. Gray tones create a neutral canvas on which you can create virtually any interior décor theme that strikes your fancy. This variation in tones opens up a myriad of possibilities.

From the urban, open feel of an industrial loft to the relaxing, seaside aura of a coastal cottage, different shades of gray offer opportunities to create the perfect mood for any room without dominating it. Of course, you’ll also want to take into account such factors as the amount of natural light available and the size of the room in choosing between light or dark tones.
popular grey wood flooring from Carlisle

One of the major advantages of gray as a neutral is its ability to complement an almost limitless number of colors and styles, so you can change the look of a room dramatically just by changing furniture or accent pieces. Sure beats trying to re-stain your floor. This wide-ranging adaptability means it won’t suddenly seem dated in a few years compared to other “trendy” colors.

Check out some of our popular gray tones, including Optimistic Stone or Granite Dream from the Urban CollectionSutton Place from the Manhattan Collection, and Grey Flannel from the Elegant Collection.

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Whether you want a look that is modern, or rustic, we can help you find a grey wood floor that will give you the perfect look. Explore Carlisle Collections or request a free catalog today!
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