Spring Home Decor Resolutions You’ll Be Happy You Made

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Resolutions don't only come on January 1st, you can make them all year long.  And now that Spring is here, why not make some resolutions to tackle some neglected areas of your home to reinvorgorate your spaces and maybe even make them a little more organized.

From the entrway to the garage, we have a few ideas you might like.

1. Update your Entryway

Your entryway is the gateway to your home. Show off your home décor skills, and make everyone feel welcome by updating your entryway. If you don’t have the time, patience, money or interest in repainting your entryway there are other ways to makeover your walls. Add some fresh artwork from your favorite artist, or frame your child’s recent creation.

Even chalkboard walls are still popular – you can write down the weekly dinner menu or leave a fun family message.

If you do want to embark on more wholesale changes then add some wall paneling – antique wood flooring boards, especially original surface boards are very trendy.

You can also add wallpaper on one accent wall to give the room some color, or just a little more pizzazz.

Add a new, interesting lighting element to your entryway. This will make a great conversation piece.

No matter what size entry you have, check out these planning tips to show you how to use everyday home décor like mirrors, lighting and paint colors to make the most of your space.

2. Add a Little Color to My Room

Spring is the time of year when all the beautiful colors of nature start to emerge – unless you are blissfully lucky to live in some tropical environment where you get to enjoy this all year long. So if the outdoors is going to be blooming with color, why not bring that inspiration inside your home. Whether it is the artwork you choose for a room, new pillows, a new armchair or even some flowers on the sidetable, there are so many easy ways to add color to your room.

We’ll even “let you” throw down a colorful accent rug by your front door – it looks cute, and it’s a great way to protect your hardwood flooring from the Spring weather.

Contemporary Entry by Edina General Contractors REFINED LLC featuring Carlisle Distressed Wood Flooring

3. Let in the Sunlight

It is time to put away the heavy wool curtains of winter to make way for something a bit more whimsical, and deserving, of the spring and summer sun, and take full advantage of daylight savings time.

If you have curtains now, and want to get rid of them altogether for the season, just find a decorative valance. You can easily swap this out when the cool weather hits again. The green fringe of these valances are the perfect accent to this Minneapolis Sunroom.

For rooms requiring a bit more privacy, you can layer your curtains for function and aesthetics.

4. Spring Clean My Closets

Okay so maybe you need to spring clean more than closets, but we don’t want to overwhelm you. When it comes to Spring cleaning it is important to start small, and prioritize. Hopefully, once you are done with the closets, you’ll be inspired to tackle some other areas of your home. There are many benefit to spring cleaning your closets. Just think of all those old clothes, shoes, ski and snow equipment that don’t fit (you or your family members) anymore. The items you WANT TO keep are comfy, seasonal, versatile and color chromatic, and of course the items you know you where every week. If you have any doubt, put those items in a basket or bin, date it, and if you don’t reach into this area for clothes in 3-6 months it is safe to say you won’t miss it.

Once you identify all the “keepers” then invest in some shelf organizers. Forget the plastic tubs adorning your local target shelves. You now have much more fashionable organizers available.


As you browsed through these photos did you notice one thing they all have in common? LABELS. They are a great way to organize your closet, especially for little kids. It might make chores a little more fun, and you can do it in a way that helps them learn their alphabet, or reading skills. Click here to check out some labeling ideas.

5. Organize My Garage

Last, but not least, it is time to move to an area that you may hate to organize. In fact, it is often neglected, unless you are getting into your car, and may the source of valuable storage space if you took the time to clean it up this Spring.

Organizing your garage may take slightly longer then updating your entryway, but when the times comes to dust off your kids bicycles, put away the family ski supplies, or store your gardening tools, you’ll be happy to did.

When you get ready to organize your space think about all the horizontal space available, and we’re not just talking about the walls, but your ceiling too. This is a great place to store bikes when not in use, and if your garage is big enough, even your kayaks.

To organize your garage there are a few staples that will make it easy. This includes storage bins (plastic or otherwise, after all it is the garage), peg boards, storage hooks, and shelving.  If you have the budget, invest in lockers, especially if your garage doubles as an entryway or mudroom.   If the cement floor is a little cold throw down a decorative accent rug in the traffic areas, or you can even section off a small space to install hardwood flooring, or tile.

If you are tired of the grey cement floor and/or walls altogether, you can paint them.   Check out these tips from Sherwin Williams on painting concrete.

If you want to take the next step, and turn your garage into a “storage powerhouse” check some of these additional tips from Houzz.com.

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