Steps to a Succesful Installation on Radiant Heat and Concrete Slab

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When it comes to wood flooring there are still many myths out there. The biggest probably being that solid wood flooring and especially wide plank flooring cannot be glued to a concrete subfloor or radiant heat without concern of cupping or warping. Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring has proven this and many other myths wrong by making sure the flooring meets a high level of quality – not found in most wood floors. They also have a firm understanding of the job site conditions for each project – something that is important to the success of the installation and the final floor.

But they also combine this with the Wakol recommended adhesives, products that are backed by 75 years of history, have been extensively tested and proven to hold flooring of any width or dimension firmly to almost any substrate.

If you are considering a wood floor for your project, there are important steps you want to take to best plan for your installation and ensure the best outcome:

1. Ask Questions

The first step in the process of the installation of any wood floor is to make sure all the variables are understood correctly. Asking questions like these will help to clear the way for a beautiful floor for life: what is the moisture content of the subfloor? Is the subfloor level within industry tolerances? Has the wood floor had enough time to acclimate? Has the floor radiant heat? What will be living conditions of the room be?

TIP: Download our job site checklist. Many installers use this checklist to understand all the variables of each job site and flooring install.

2. Get Answers

The second step is getting correct answers to these questions. Don’t be shy – there is no such thing as a silly question. You can reach a Wakol technical advisor at (800) 230-6456.

You can be assured that WAKOL has the solution no matter how difficult the situation might seem. We can work with you and your Carlisle Wide Plank Specialist to select the proper WAKOL installation system and products for your project.

3. Use a Proper Moisture Barrier

Excess moisture is the single biggest culprit of wood floor movement. If moisture is present in the slab (which is inevitable) the use of WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier is recommended. This will block up to 18 lbs of moisture in the concrete slab and will dry in as little as 45 minutes.

It is indeed the fastest problem solver in the industry! It is a 100% active ingredient product and of course does not contain any VOC. It is eligible for LEED credits and holds the Air Quality Seal.

And remember you want to check your moisture no matter what type of subfloor is present.

4. Use the Right Adhesive

The true secret why floors installed with WAKOL adhesives look better is in the adhesive itself. It is formulated to have the highest e-modulus in the industry. With other words no other adhesive has a higher inner strength then WAKOL adhesives. Therefore floors installed with WAKOL MS 290 Wood Flooring Adhesive are less likely to cup, crown or warp in any way. Unlike most stretchable Urethane adhesives WAKOL MS 290 Wood Flooring Adhesive is MS polymer based, does not contain any plasticizer and of course has 0% VOC. It is eligible for LEED credits and bears the Air Quality Seal.

5. Be Prepared Prior to Instillation

All WAKOL products are suitable for installation involving radiant heat and concrete slab subfloors but it is important to properly prepare the subfloor, job site and wood flooring. Just like you need to use a moisture barrier when excess moisture is present (see item #3 above) you want to make sure:

  • concrete slab is fully cured
  • moisture content of a concrete slab should never exceed 6 lbs
  • all radiant heat systems need to be turned on and operational
  • the job site should be at live in conditions
  • all wood flooring needs to acclimate properly

Our technical team will assist every client with selecting the correct products for installation on radiant heat or concrete slab.

6. Follow Application Recommendations for the Adhesives

The final step in the installation process is the actual glue down. The installer will find it very easy to work with WAKOL products. The adhesive holds its ridge very good which will eliminate hollow spots and makes the troweling easy. If it happens that some adhesive gets on the surface – don’t worry – WAKOL’s MS Polymer adhesives are easy clean up and don’t leave a mark on the brand new floor.

Visit the Loba-Wakol website to learn more about products and download more information.

In Closing

If radiant heat, waterfront property, mountain get away home, concrete, gypcrete or plywood, WAKOL installation systems are reliable, easy and tested to perform with Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. Call Wakol today to discuss your project and find out what installation products and systems will work for you.

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Loba-Wakol, LLC based in Charlotte, North Carolina is the US subsidiary of German market leaders Loba and Wakol who have partners and subsidiaries in over 40 countries throughout the world. Visit our website for more information or call us at (800) 230-6456.
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