Summer Color Trends for your Interior Design

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Summer Color Trends for your Interior Design

If you are looking for color inspiration for your interior decor this summer, don't feel limited to the patriotic red, white and blue of Independence Day.

While that would certainly brighten up your decor for the holiday weekend, we are thinking you want something a little more timeless.  If you're feeling stumped on ways you can introduce some of the season's hottest hues, we've got you covered. Check out our tips and suggestions to help you decorate your home with summer's trendiest colors.

Warm Tones

Brighten your home with the warmest tones of the season, like Pantone's color of the year “Radiant Orchid.” Explore colors such as fuchsia, gold, crimson red, tangerine or blood orange.Radiant Orchid for Your Summer Interior on Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

While warm tones are both trendy and versatile, they can also be a bit intimidating when it comes to home decor. Instead of tackling an entire room, stick to an accent wall or accent furniture. If you're more conservative when it comes to color usage, introduce items that are subtle while still making a bold statement.Throw pillows, blankets, ottomans and even a duvet cover are great ways you can incorporate color without overwhelming a space.

Soft Tones

Both easy to use and functional, summer's softer colors are perfect for any space. Channel a sophisticated peachy nude, or a soothing sea foam blue. Get girly with a rich buttercream or subtle pink.

Buttercream Interior Decor Ideas from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Blog

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Softer tones are ideal for walls. Redo your living room in a creamy nude, or give your bedroom a fresh coat of carnation pink. If you need new flooring for your room, you can find wood flooring in your favorite soft colored tones.

If you're married to your current color palette, mix and match these colors with accent or console tables, curtains or dining table chairs.

Decorate with seasonal flowers to give your home an instantaneous burst of color without spending too much money. Accessorize with delicate peonies in white or pale peach roses.

Cool Tones

The summer's cool tones are bold and luxurious.  Electric blue, slate, olive and deep emerald are timeless, basic colors. You can even opt for a rich lime or a dull mint shade.

Electric Blue Interior Decor Ideas

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Cool tones make great accent walls. Give your master bedroom a bold charcoal wall, paired with more neutral tones to soften it up. Give your dining or living room a punch with a navy contrast wall or with an electric blue trim. If you're wary about putting these bold, dark colors to your walls, incorporate them instead in a patterned area rug, detailed pillows or funky wall art.

Neutral Tones

If you like to play it safe, opt for one of summer's neutral chic shades. Earl gray, honey, ivory and khaki are just a few of the season's most popular neutrals.

Natural Interior Decor Ideas from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

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From walls to sectionals, curtains to bedding, you simply can't go wrong with a neutral shade. Keep your living room light and airy with beige walls and ivory furniture. Compliment such colors with pops of light gray or honey brown. These tones are not only sophisticated, they also stand the test of time. If you're concerned about keeping your home relevant and chic, neutral colors are your safest bet.

What are your favorite summer colors?

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