unique hardwood floor

It’s one of the most celebrated holidays of the year and for good reason. Everyone has someone to honor for Mother’s Day. We do it with flowers. We do it with... [ read more ]

Wood floors can provide a sense of elegance and warmth in any room. Not only is solid wood flooring a sturdy and long-lasting way to finish your house it's also... [ read more ]

Let’s face it...too much of the same thing can easily become boring, especially when it comes to decorating and interior design. That’s why there’s a trend away from the monotony... [ read more ]

At Carlisle, we give the term “wide” a whole new meaning. But, the trend of using “wide” plank boards started long before Carlisle, when early colonists, along the Eastern Seaboard,... [ read more ]

It is a commonly held mistaken belief that wide plank floors are only suitable for certain interiors. Some clients are afraid they might appear too "rustic" or won't accommodate a... [ read more ]

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. There are no inherent problems specifically related to the width of a flooring plank. The fact is that all wood flooring... [ read more ]