Talking Trends With Park City Designer Kerry Bresnahan

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Which Carlisle floors her clients are craving, her surprising signature ceiling, and what she really thinks about Pantone’s Color of the year, Ultra Violet.

There’s something very organic happening on the design front in the quaint town of Park City, Utah; wanderlust interior designer Kerry Bresnahan and her internal instinct to create beautiful, serene, and comfortable spaces is taking root. One look at her work and you instantly feel like you’re taking a deep breath of fresh mountain air, as every space naturally frames the picturesque slopes of this resort-laden area.

We couldn’t help but wonder how she planted her business, Kerry Nicole Interiors, in such perfect conditions, so we caught up with her to get the scoop:


Kerry Bresnahan, Interior Designer

C: Hi, Kerry! Thanks for taking the time to chat. We love what you’re doing in Park City. Where are you originally from and what led you to start your design business?

KB: I’m originally from Squaw Valley, California, a world-renowned ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area. Growing up, my dad had a construction business, and I remember walking through the big homes he would build when I was just a little girl. Something about them always inspired me.

Kerry Bresnahan, Park City Interior Designer, Kerry Nicole Interiors

And I never thought much about it, as my heart was set on living the vagabond lifestyle once I graduated from college, so that’s what I did. I traveled the world and lived abroad for a few years before I decided to pursue a career in design. I guess a little part of me has always been passionate about design, and only later did I realize it was much more a part of me than I ever imagined.

I wanted to break into business in Park City because it encapsulates everything I love: mountains, resorts, travel, and, of course, skiing. I love to ski.

C: You’ve mastered Mountain Contemporary. Is this your signature look or does this just happen to be what your clients want?

KB: I have always been inspired by travel, living in the mountains, and contemporary design, so I would say I naturally gravitate toward this as my signature style.

C: What are some common must-haves that clients are asking for in Park City?

KB: I see lots of clients wanting to downsize and streamline their mountain homes. Most people come to Park City for a few weeks, or one month a year to take a break from their world, spend time with their families, and not worry about the fuss of their city life and other clutter.

With that, some of the “must-haves” would be comfortable, cozy retreats that are both flexible and durable. No one wants to worry about their homes being too delicate when they’re entertaining for 15-plus in a home over the holidays.


Comfy, cozy bedroom retreat


C: You recently specified a Carlisle floor for one of your projects. Tell us about your experience.

KB: I love Carlisle! The floors in that home turned out beautifully. We were aiming for a neutral floor because we had cedar ceilings and plenty of other wood accents throughout, and a custom colored Oak floor was the perfect option.

We went with a whitewashed feel that would mimic the look of a tile while still capturing the movement and warmth of a natural material, which is always necessary when there’s snow on the ground a majority of the year.

C: And of course you are in Park City and worked with our Denver Showroom — how did that come about?

KB: We have such a small metropolitan area, so we source many of our finishes and furnishings out of Denver as it’s the closest design center. It makes resourcing a little more complicated, but that just means more opportunity to travel!

C: What type of wood floors would you anticipate specifying in Park City for future projects?

KB: Oak, Oak, Oak and wide plank! It’s durable and has the visual movement and organic feeling my clients are looking for.

C: We noticed you used ROCKS as coat hangers in the entry of one of your projects. LOVE. Were those your idea, and was your client surprised?

KB: Thank you! I wish those were a surprise — I love them, too! I try to bring a little of the outside into all of my projects is some way, so in this case, it happened to be rocks that served as towel hooks in the Spa.

C: Let’s talk about projected trends for 2018: Everyone is gushing over Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultra Violet.  What are your thoughts? Are you embracing this color? Why or why not?

KB: Well… that was a surprise… I love purple but I have a very neutral palate because of the location of my work and I have never had a client “gush” over “Ultra Violet” Purple. Next challenge: Incorporate purple into a project! I can’t guarantee an Ultra Violet, but I’m always up for a velvety royal purple in a dark moody room like a library or office.

C: Elle Décor is predicting a couple other trends for 2018: Would you give us your “Kerry” thoughts on these?

A simple but modern spa-inspired bathroomKB: My “Kerry” thoughts. Love it. Ask away…

C: Fun! Ok, walls covered in art:

KB: Yes.

C: Mixed Metallics:

KB: Everything still goes.

C: Statement Ceilings: Have you ever? Will you?

KB: I have… however most of my projects have beautiful views, so I prefer the eye to be taken outside to the mountains. I do happen to be working on a project right now where we’re going to install a backlit contemporary stained-glass ceiling in a dining room. We are using 6 doors that were on a traveling art exhibit, which will create quite a statement.

C: Spa Inspired Bathrooms: Everyone wants to feel like they’re at a resort… yes?

KB: All of my bathrooms are spa inspired. Park City is where people come to relax…

In the end, trends come and they go. I love a timeless look and a neutral palate, so even with all of the colors coming back in, my heart is with natural materials that allow the eye to focus on shapes and design within a room.

C: And to wrap it up, do you have any 2018 New Year’s design resolutions?

KB: Yes. I want to continue growing my business and keep designing! I love everything about what I do; I love the challenge, the creativity, and the relationships I build with my clients. And of course, I plan to take some time off to travel and continue to be inspired!

Spoken like a true traveler from abroad. Kerry, we can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to Park City, and we’ll be ready to help you create any custom Oak floor you can imagine…


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Because every room deserves the best.
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