The Shape of Things – 5 Odd Shapes for Unique Interior Design Products

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The Shape of Things – 5 Odd Shapes for Unique Interior Design Products

Many people have a preconceived notion of the proper shape for the most popular Interior Décor products.

Beds and couches are square.  Dining Room tables square or round.  But interior décor comes in a variety of fun and interesting shapes that you might not have thought possible.  And today, we are going to share some products that will make you rethink the traditional shape of things in your home.

#1 The Round Bed

Good design is timeless.  This statement is so true when you consider the spectacle of a round bed.

Since the Lullaby Due round bed debuted in 1968, from designer Luigi Massoni, the round bed design is still just as tantalizing with a novelty to it that makes it a symbol of luxury, and an intrepid design element for modern decor.  You don’t see it often, but when you do, it makes a statement.

Italian based furniture designer, Il Loft, provides design solutions for the round bed enthusiast, like the Fly Round bed.

Fly Circle Bed By Illoft

#2 Windblown Bookshelves

Given that most books are square, it seems only natural that the components in which these books go should also be square.

But Italian furniture maker Saba presents a unique take on the traditional bookshelf with the Prodotto Primo Quarto Bookshelves.  This furniture piece pulls double duty – you get a functional presentation piece for your books, and your home gets a piece of art for the decor.

Saba Primo Quarto Bookshelves










#3 Gramaphone Lounge Chair

Armchairs are an excellent canvas for creative furniture design.

They can be made a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.  This gramophone chair is no exception. Designed and manufactured by EcoFirstArt (they also offer a $25K Transport Bed, a space age sleep pod) it has a sophisticated, yet unique look.  Could be perfect for your stylish teen daughter’s bedroom or an upscale living room.


Gramaphone Lounge Chair

#4 All Balled Up Sofa

Sofa’s probably have the most traditional shapes – rectangular.

Some are short, some long.  An attached ottoman or chaise lounge extension turns them from sofa to sectional – but that is about as exciting as you might get.

Then, you find this Feel Seating System sofa, from Animica.  It connects giant soft orbs and turns it into a transformable sofa that reminds you – and probably feels more like – a massage chair then a sofa.  The design is one of the most unique but the functionality might work best for a kids playroom or a home theatre, versus the family living room.

Feel Seating System sofa, from Animica.

#5 Live Edge Walnut Dining Room Table

Imagine family dinners where everyone has their own chair, and their own nook of the dining table.

It is possible with a live edge walnut dining table from Vermont Wood Studios.  Live edge furniture, just as the name implies, features furniture made of boards that retain their original shape from when they were first cut from the log.  Because of this every turn in the log comes through in the finished furniture.  It is an interesting conversation piece, just like no two trees are alike, no two live edge furniture pieces are alike, making it one of the most unique pieces of furniture you can add to your home.  This would sure look nice on top of a dark wood floor like Walnut!

Live Edge Walnut Dining Room Table vermont wood studios


Have you discovered any furniture in a unique shape? Share it here!

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