The Entertaining Kitchen

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The Entertaining Kitchen

The style of kitchens has changed over time and even within my lifetime.

When I was younger the kitchen that I remember was segregated from the dining room. It was detached and where the cooking and preparations took place. I’ll bet that made you quickly wonder how old I really am, didn’t it? But in reality, the kitchens of my youth were similar but a bit more updated. They were functioning and utilitarian in nature. They were the place where food was prepared and the preparer was separated from the rest of the group and conversations until the meal was actually served.

However, times have changed, and kitchens now tend to be the hub, the heart of the home and the place where everything else revoles around.

kitchen with wide plank floors












Kitchens also are the place where we cook and entertain. We mingle with guests while the meal is prepared and gone are the days of kitchen confinement.







Kitchens today are open, well appointed and made for entertaining with family and friends and for sharing the joy of preparing a meal, great conversations and creating a space that welcomes everyone.

Wide Plank Flooring In Modern Kitchen


Kitchens are now designed to be open and inviting, a place to entertain and formed with cabinetry that would have been unheard of years ago.  Some are traditional in nature with warm woods and others have a modern look but they are the expressions of the people that live there.  If you look at the kitchen of any home, you should be able to tell a great deal about the people that call it home. If it’s warm, open and inviting then you know it’s a kitchen designed for entertaining.

Good food feeds the body. Good company feeds the soul. When they are combined it’s done in a great kitchen.


Photo 1: Credits

Photo 2: Eclectic Kitchen design by Portland Media And Blogs Julie Smith

Photo 3: Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect Taylor Lombardo Architects

Photo 4: Source: Uploaded by user via Todd on Pinterest

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