The Importance of Long Lengths in your Wood Floor

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Most clients I work with are shopping for wood floors for the first time and don’t realize how important the lengths of the flooring planks are to the overall look.

Did you know:

  • The average length of most wood flooring sold today is only 2′- to 3′-long
  • It’s hard to find wood floorboards over 6′-long
  • If you order long lengths as a special order, you will pay extra and wait longer
  • Most flooring is measured in inches rather than in feet

If you settle for the average flooring on the market, you could have as many as 2,000 butt-joints in a 500 square-foot room, which will make your floor and your space look busy.

But if you invest in long-length wood flooring, you can take your number of butt joints from 2,000 down to about 200! Length is an important design element for any space and one that you should understand when making a final floor selection.

Specifying Length

Knowing the average length of your floor boards can be very insightful, but how can you specify the lengths and understand what you are getting? The best question to ask is this:

“What is the average length of my flooring going to be?”

a beautiful office space with hardwood flooring

If it’s less than 5’, you should be very concerned about the overall quality of the wood floor and the final look you will get once the floor installed. But if it is 7-11′ long, like a Carlisle wide plank floor, you are sure to get a beautiful result — avoiding the visual clutter of shorter planks and the long wait of a special order.

As a bonus…longer boards come from older trees which means a higher quality floor that will provide more stability than other wood flooring in the marketplace.

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We believe in redefining luxury with planks that are wider and longer than the average industry standards. Take a peek inside the homes of some of our flagship projects and see the difference for yourself.
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