The Importance of Long Lengths in your Wood Floor

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The Importance of Long Lengths in your Wood Floor

long length wood flooring by carlisle wide plank flooringMost clients I work with are shopping for wood floors for the first time and don’t even know that the length of your floor boards are very important to the overall look of your wood floor.  They might ask about widths or grading but very rarely does the question of length come up. 

But did you know:
• The average length of most wood flooring sold today is 2ft – 3ft long
• It is hard to find wood floor boards over 6’ long
• If you order long lengths as a special order you pay extra and wait longer
• Most flooring is measured in inches not feet

If you settle for the average flooring on the market you will have about 2000 butt joints in a 500 Square foot room, which will make your floor and your space look busy!  

If you invest in long length wood flooring you can take your number of butt joints from 2000 to about 200

Length is an important design element for any space and one that you should understand when making a final floor selection.  And you can avoid the clutter and get a better look without the long wait or a special order!

long length wood flooring by carlisle wide plank flooringKnowing the average length of your floor can be very insightful.  But how can you specify the lengths and understand what you are getting.  The best question to ask is this:

“What is the average length of my floor going to be?”

If it is less than 5’ you should be very concerned about the overall quality of the wood floor and the final look you will get once the floor installed.  But if it is 7-11' long, like with Carlisle Wide Plank Floors you are sure to get a beautiful look.  And as a bonus…longer boards come from older trees which means a more higher quality floor that will be more stable when compared to other wood flooring on the market.

long length wood flooring by carlisle wide plank flooringCall us at 800.595.9663 or request a copy of our FREE color brochure today , we’ll be sure to craft your floor in long lengths to give you the best look!

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