Three Products for a Great Kitchen Design

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Three Products for a Great Kitchen Design

If you are a design or construction professional you probably don't have the opportunity to remodel or redesign your own home very often.

Michael Cebula, founder of Cebula Design in Newburyport, MA and his partner were recently able to design a beautiful new kitchen for their home.  As a designer, Michael knows that the kitchen is the main hub of every home, and the products you choose have a big impact on long term satisfaction and cost. 

Michael shared three of his favorite products from his new kitchen, and why he chose them.


When picking out appliances quality and longevity were important to the final selection.  So for his appliances, Michael chose Thermodor.  Thermodor has been creating an iconic line of cookware, appliances and other products for over 75 years.  From ovens, refrigerators, warming drawers, and wine columns, Thermador specializes in the stainless steel design that has become popular in recent years. Thermador's reputation for quality was an influential factor when selecting the right appliances.

Hickory hardwood flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.









You can also see how Michael tied together the entire design, by complementing the stainless steel stove and wine columns with stainless steel accents in sink and the lighting fixtures.


When choosing floors durablity and aesthetics were very important.

For his floors, Michael chose Wide Plank Hickory hardwood flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.  Michael felt that the floor “was the finishing touch that could really make the kitchen shine” .









He choose these prefinished hardwood floor for its durability – Hickory is the hardest hardwood floor in North America.

And while Hickory is often mistaken as a “rustic floor” in the hands of true craftsman you can create a very refined look!  The craftsman at Carlisle utilized our exclusive Slowcraft TM  Manufacturing Process to grade the flooring for less variation and character. We also provided prefinished wood flooring with a light stain to minimize the variation and “striping” that Hickory might have.


When selecting cabinets, if you have the option to truly customize your wood style and finish it can help you create a more personalized space that better meets your needs, and gives you the look you truly want.

So for his cabinets, Michael chose Tedd Wood Fine Cabinetry in Thompsontown, PA. This custom cabinet company provides clients with custom cabinet solutions for everything from an historic restoration project of a 200-year old farmhouse to an upscale New York Penthouse. 









You can browse their Custom cabinetry Selection Guide to learn more about the finishes, wood styles, and eco-friendly custom cabinet solutions they offer.

Are you looking for ideas for your new home, or kitchen remodel?  Contact Cebula Design.  They have built their reputation on designing the finest quality interiors, surpassing client expectations and meeting deadlines.

What are your three favorite things in your last project?  What do you love about them? Why did you choose them?

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