3 Ways White Oak is Changing Interior Design for 2018

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3 Ways White Oak is Changing Interior Design for 2018

White Oak wood flooring is a staple of the flooring market.  Known for its durability, resilience, and versatility. Here at Carlisle we love our White Oak hardwood flooring as much as anyone.  Explore the design options in this amazing hardwood floor and pick up some design tips for your next project.

Durability & Stability

White Oak hardwood flooring is best known for its durability.  The fact is that the durability of White Oak hardwood floors depends on the type of the tree it came from and where it was cut from that tree.  Architects and engineers know that oak cut past a certain part of the Appalachian mountains is not going to be as hard, durable and stable as that of its northern counterparts.

When you can ensure the durability of the floor but its inherent quality you can use it in every room of your home and know it will stand up.  Look for characteristics like tight growth rings, high heart content, and long lengths  which show that the wood was taken from the center of old, mature timbers.

Shorter, narrower boards are taken from the upper portion and branches of smaller logs which imply an inferior product and durability.  This will impact the overall performance and longevity of your floor, as well as the ease of and finish options available.


White Oak hardwood floors are one of the best species if you are considering a distressed wood floor.  Its rich grain and light tones natural accept a variety of textures.

One of the most popular textures is a “Brushed” surface.  This texture will highlight the grain lines of White Oak.


Another popular texture is a Footworn surface.  Because White Oak hardwood flooring is so durable it will not wear, ding and dent like a Pine wood floor.  But sometimes customer wants a slightly worn look to the floor.  This hand-distressed flooring technique will create soft undulating waves through the boards, these marks are created by hand for the most authentic look.
Hand-Scraped edges is also a popular choice especially when you are considering both a more relaxed look, and you are using planks over 7” wide.

Hand-scraped techniques are actually done by hand for an authentic look and feel just like the original Pine floors were scraped by hand 200 years ago.

Color Options

Light Wood Floors



Medium wood floors


Dark wood floors



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