The Top Four Reasons We’re In Love with Natural Finish Floors

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If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping floor to elevate the wow factor of your design look no farther.

Carlisle’s Natural Finish represents a revolutionary advance in wood floor finishes. These exclusive floors resemble the look of European oils, with added organic color variation to accentuate the natural beauty and grain of each board. The floors are only available prefinished, which means they deliver to you without the hassle of on-site finish work or heavy maintenance.

Interest piqued? Read our top four reasons to request a sample of Natural Finish:

1. Environmentally Friendly

There are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds that easily become vapors or gases) used in the pre-finishing of these floors.

2. Made to Last

The molecules of polymerized finish system chemically bond with the wood creating a durable finish which does wear like a traditional floor which can sometimes require annual maintenance.

3. Revolutionary Finish System

Instead of applying a traditional stain and finish system, this look is created with a multiple coats of a polymerized finish which are burnished into the wood producing a one of a kind work of art every time.

4. Striking Visual Appeal

The layered color application enhances the organic look of the boards, while creating a unique contrast which draws attention to the natural grain patterns and tones of the wood.

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Sophisticated design, unmatched durability and environmentally friendly compounds are just some of the reasons to explore your flooring options with the Naturals Collection today.
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