Unconventional Character

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Eastern White Pine hardwood flooring Unconventional Character might apply to both the personality of the homeowner and the unique Carlisle floor he created in this Jackson Hole, Wyoming, log home. After specifying Carlisle’s widest unfinished Eastern White Pine boards — some up to 20”— the order was delivered to the job site and the floor installed over a radiant heat system long before construction was finished. In fact, the roof had yet to be decked. The idea was to let the planks become naturally weathered and distressed as the Wyoming elements and work crews alike treated them with reckless abandon.

This unorthodox approach raised some eyebrows, but as construction progressed the Eastern White Pine floor began to take on a unique rustic character with natural foot traffic patterns reminiscent of centuries-old antique floors. Additional distressing was achieved by dragging logging chains over the floor! This look was enhanced by reproduction antique cut nails and hammered directly onto the face of the boards, as was the traditional method of pioneer times.

When work was completed, the floor was thoroughly cleaned and final top coats of tung oil were applied. We think you will agree that both the floors and the view are breathtaking.

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