Warmboard Radiant Heat Builds Quality and Comfort

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Warmboard Inc. and Carlisle Wide Plank Floors have developed a strong connection over the years; both companies producing high-quality, complimentary products. The beautiful and extensive solid and engineered wood flooring options from Carlisle provide your home with exquisite beauty and Warmboard can provide your home with exquisite comfort.

Warmboard has been providing the leading product in radiant heating since 2002. Our original radiant heating panel, which also functions as a structural subfloor, has become the preferred radiant solution among Architects, Homeowners and Builders. And last year we released Warmboard–R, a smaller, thinner panel designed specifically for remodels.

Warmboard panels maximize conductivity with a thick aluminum coating which produces heat faster, more efficiently and more evenly. Additionally, this is all done using lower water temperatures. This not only saves energy every month, but the low, even heat does not damage or age flooring like some other radiant technologies. It’s one of the reasons why companies such as Carlisle are happy to recommend Warmboard to their hardwood flooring clients.

To date, there is more than 25 million square feet of Warmboard throughout the US, Canada and much of the world.

To learn more and see why Warmboard works with wood floors, click here. Warmboard can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIin, Pinterest and Google+.

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