Cooking Up the Ambiance in Kitchen Trends for 2013

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Cooking Up the Ambiance in Kitchen Trends for 2013

When you design your dream kitchen you are creating a personalized setting that will welcome you home everyday and be inviting to your guests and loved one.  Since there are more people within the space you need an uncluttered room so people can relax, move freely and work in the kitchen all at the same time; all of which is a tall order for the kitchen of the past.  This is done by creating the right ambiance in the room.

Today we are going to talk about three ways to create that “ambiance” – lighting, letting the natural world in, and color selections.


Natural lighting is warm and welcoming.  Everyone is more cheerful on a sunny day; so bring that cheer into your kitchen.

Great designs allow for lots of natural sunlight in the kitchen and should be the starting point with your lighting plan.  Next, since you are working in the kitchen you need great tasking lighting that allows you to see what you are doing.  Bright well placed task lighting is essential.  LED lighting can be the perfect solution for task lighting and interior cabinet lighting.  Finally, you want to create different moods in the kitchen.  Variable ambient lighting is a great way to help create the right mood for the right occasion.  Variable lighting can utilize dimming packages or multiple switches to allow for different light set displays.   It is amazing how a well designed lighting plan can alter the ambiance of the kitchen.  Once you experience a well designed lighting plan you won’t want to live without it.


In a post this summer we talked about bringing the natural world indoors.

The use of natural elements inside the home or windows and doors that allow the outdoors to become part of the interior space provide a natural calming effect and continues to be big in 2013.

Neutral/Natural Colors Schemes

Neutral and natural colors are pleasing in the kitchen. Shades of blues, grays, brown, greens and whites are popular.  These colors tend to be warmer, comforting and relaxing; perfect for making guests feel welcome and at ease.

These color pallets can be the perfect complement to other elements in the kitchen.  Smaller objects like vases, dishes and tiles that are smaller, but colorful can become seemingly large accent pieces when coupled with neutral backdrops.

Additionally, since you are preparing and serving food in this space you want colors that enhance and complement your food and evoke a clean, healthy feeling.

What do you think is most important to creating the right ambiance for your kitchen? Have you used one of these techniques?  How did it work for you?


This article was contributed by Patrick Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft.

Superior Woodcraft is a local custom cabinet maker from Doylestown, Pa – the heart of Bucks County.
Superior Woodcraft, Inc.
160 N Hamilton Street
Doylestown, Pa 18901

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