Useful Design Kitchen Trends for 2013

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Useful Design Kitchen Trends for 2013

When I use the term “Useful Design” I am referring to the kitchen design that complements and enhances the daily lifestyle of the family.  As such, a useful design will mean different things to different families.  One popular kitchen design trend in 2013 is moving away from the formal dining room for entertaining and moving guests into the kitchen.

Today, people desire a large multifunction kitchen where the cooks can prepare meals while engaging the guests, where guests can even participate in the cooking process or enjoy a glass of wine and conversation.   Modern kitchens are being designed to allow for this communal, close knit, intimate, space sharing experience.

Here are three “useful design” features to consider: 

Space – If you want your guests in the kitchen you will need a large kitchen with enough space to make everyone comfortable and plenty of elbow room while you are wielding sharp knives and hot sauces.

Open spaces – maintaining open spaces that flow into other living spaces allows everyone to be included in conversation; even if they are outside the perimeter of the kitchen.

Seating – Large islands are the perfect fixture for the modern kitchen.  Large islands can provide seating for guests; a place to eat your meal; provide surface area for prep space;  house wine coolers, dishwasher drawers; refrigerator and freezer drawers, microwaves and even food and dishes for your pets.  All concealed in a fairly compact space that looks like furniture.

Have you designed a kitchen recently for yourself or a client? What was the most useful design aspect you incorporated, how did you benefit from this?


This article was contributed by Patrick Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft.

Superior Woodcraft is a local custom cabinet maker from Doylestown, Pa – the heart of Bucks County.

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Patrick Kennedy, Vice President, Superior Woodcraft

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