Craving Value in 2013 Kitchen Trends

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The kitchen continues to take center stage in our lives.  The kitchen is the place for morning coffee and cereal, evening meals, homework, family meetings and parties with friends and family.  It’s typically the last room we visit when leaving the house and the first room we enter when we return home. Many people feel that 90% of their time at home is spent in the kitchen.  With this high level of importance in our daily lives it is no wonder that people want a great kitchen.  Here is what many are looking for in new kitchen in 2013.

The first item on the list might seem like a strange element to include and might not be the foremost in our mind when talking about kitchen design, but it’s important.  This element starts during the initial phase of the design process, impacts the entire process and is a lasting thought long after the project is complete.

The first trend we are talking about is a desire for value.  Whether you are planning a new high end luxury kitchen or a more modest remodel people are searching for value, which doesn’t necessarily mean a low price.  Whatever the ultimate price happens to be, people want to know that the final design will be useful to them and is a fair return for the money they spent.  The emphasis on this element is the result of the recession.  We are keeping a closer watch on our wallets and reassessing our values and what’s important in life.

We desire value.  To get the most value from your kitchen you want to answer these questions:

  1. What purpose does your kitchen space serve for your family?  Is it just a place to prepare a meal?
  2. How do you function – or want to – function in your kitchen?
  3. How does your kitchen fit in with the flow of the rest of your home?
  4. What is the overall aesthetic that you want to create – do you want clean and modern, or casual and ecclectic?

If you can answer these questions, find a professional who understands your needs and bring the plan to fruition you will get the best value with a kitchen you will love for years to come.

Have you designed a kitchen recently for a customer or for your own home?  What adds value to your space?

Tomorrow we will look at trends # 2 – Useful Design.


This article was contributed by Patrick Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft.

Superior Woodcraft is a local custom cabinet maker from Doylestown, Pa – the heart of Bucks County.
Superior Woodcraft, Inc.
160 N Hamilton Street
Doylestown, Pa 18901

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