What’s your Design Style for your new home or project?

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What’s your Design Style for your new home or project?

There are dozens of different interior and architectural home design styles to choose from – Formal, Contemporary, Mission Style, Plantation…this list goes on.  But what if you don’t fit into one of those exact styles?  Blending styles to create your own interior design is fun and it can be done with the right balance of architecture and interior design elements like color, wood floor selection and more.

Just check out this cool project in Wisconsin – designed and featured by Midwest Modern, LLC.  This home combined a more rustic pine wood floor – Eastern White Pine wood flooring in a very contemporary setting.  They also installed the same wood on the ceiling!

See the design specifications for the wood flooring and how it impacted the design:

SPECIES: Eastern White Pine a naturally more rustic floor with knots may not seem like the right fit for a contemporary home unless you want to minimize that “modern” feel

WIDTH: All 6”wider floor boards are very popular, using the 2″ and 3″ strip floors is out.  But you don't have to use random widths, which some clients feel makes a floor look more “country”.  Using all one width will give the floor a more more look

COLOR: Oatmeal Stout stain a darker finish is often chosen for a more modern look (and looks great in this house with all the natural lighting) – The board width aligned with the Ipe decking outside

Looking to find your design style and ideas for your home, here's some great online tools and websites:

– Try the online tool from BHG.com, take a short 'quiz' and find your personal design style

– Check out Houzz.com – filled with photos and search options

– Browse the Carlisle flooring photo gallery to select woods by color wood type

– Find out about Architectural Home Styles with this online Guide to Residential Architecture

If you are planning for a new home or just upgrading that special space let Carlisle help you find the perfect wood floor for your style.  Request our FREE Color Catalogue today!


NOTE: All photos for this project can be found at the website for Midwest Modern, LLC

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