Wide Plank Floors Work in Any Design

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It is a commonly held mistaken belief that wide plank floors are only suitable for certain interiors. Some clients are afraid they might appear too “rustic” or won’t accommodate a formal interior. Today we are going to challenge those thoughts and show you why wide plank floors are suitable for absolutely any decor.
First, let’s start with a short video about the main advantage of choosing Carlisle to help you design your floor.


Three Common Misconceptions

1. Wide Plank Floors Are Too Rustic

It is true that the original wide plank floors — Eastern White Pine — have a rustic appearance, but we have come a long way since then to create innovative flooring solutions that are anything but rustic.

Modern Wood Floors & Formal Wood Flooring

With a custom wood floor manufacturer like Carlisle, you can create a wood floor that suits any modern or contemporary design. This is done by carefully selecting the right wood species, grade, color and other important wide plank attributes.

Some modern designs have already been created with Carlisle Collections below. If you prefer a unique look that isn’t shown in the Carlisle Collections, we also make it easy to create a completely custom floor.

2. Wide Plank Floors Don’t Come in the Color I want

Unlike many flooring companies that offer a limited selection of colors, Carlisle meets your project requirements by bringing you a virtually unlimited assortment of color possibilities for your design needs. Our exclusive color matching system provides a fast solution for finding the custom color you want for your Carlisle Custom Floor.Oak Flooring & Prefinished Wood Flooring

3. Wide Plank Floors Have too Much Character

Character can be referred to as the grain, knots, mineral streaks, and other natural variations in the color and characteristics of a wood floor.  The good news is you don’t have to have character in your floor if you don’t want it.

When you work with a custom wood floor company like Carlisle, you can choose the grade that is right for your floor. We can also recommend the right wood species and grades based on the look you want to create. You can create a very formal, modern, or contemporary wood floor with the right design.


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Looking for more inspiration? Tour our client’s homes!
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