How Wood Floor Colors Inspire Your Interiors

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Wood floors can provide a sense of elegance and warmth in any room. Not only is solid wood flooring a sturdy and long-lasting way to finish your house it’s also a great way to inspire your interior décor. The color and style of your wood floors make an excellent starting point for planning the vibe of a whole room.

Decorating with White Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is a wear-resistant and long-lasting option that is a great base for white floors because it won’t show nicks and scuffs as much as other options. A popular trend is to use white distressed solid wood as a starting point to create a soft, antique or farmhouse look with rustic furniture and leather. Smooth white oak is popular this year for inspiring a minimalist, modern design with bright-colored accents and stark lighting.

decorating white wood floors

Decorating with Dark or Black Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a natural wood that’s layered for extra durability. It can be stained a variety of colors, from a light, natural color to a deep walnut or oak for a more dramatic finish. Deeper color prefinished wood floors pair well with white walls and bright lighting — you can attain a handsome contrast by adding stark white furniture into a room with dark floors — such as this stunning space created by Bromley Caldari Architects in the affluent 200 Central Park South towers.

dark oak flooring with white furniture

Decorating with Brown Wood Flooring

You can opt for brown wide plank flooring or prefinished wide plank flooring, both of which add a whole new dimension to interior design. They offer a very natural appearance and clean lines, which, along with the natural brown of the wood, can give a room a much bigger feel. One trend for decorating with wide plank flooring is to use area rugs rather than large carpets.

Dining Room Brown Hardwood

Brown is a versatile color so you can find many different colored rugs that will pair well with it. That way you can highlight the beauty of the brown wood and define different areas of living space. Area rugs also make it easy to change up the look of your home when you want to freshen up your décor and furniture.

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No matter what color flooring you desire to use, it’s important to always opt for high-quality flooring because it will stand up to wear and tear and look much more sophisticated than cheaper woods. For more extensive information on the various types of wood flooring, you can choose from, download our buyer’s guide.
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