How to Wow with Winter Whites

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When the weather turns cold and the days get shorter, we gravitate toward comfort. Dark colors, forest greens, and deep, rich tones are what we usually choose to create a feeling of familiar coziness. But this year, in your quest to capture the season, try something new! Look to nature for seasonal inspiration and deck your halls in winter white. Far from giving off chilly vibes, winter white can be modern, fresh and just as warm as traditionally autumnal colors. Let us show you the best way to incorporate this trend into your space as we run through the basics of creating your perfect indoor winter wonderland.

Is Winter White Right for You?

White floor in LivingroomBefore jumping off into a new trend, consider if an all-white space is right for you. Does it fit your lifestyle and more importantly — your personality? For this, we turn to color psychology. In color theory, there are four main seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each of these seasons has its own special characteristics and traits. The season you are in can determine which décor most appeals to you.

Like you might assume, Spring personalities are creative, bubbly and bursting with life and color. They’re spontaneous, out of the box thinkers that thrive on new challenges and expressive actions. They enjoy soft lines, pastel colors and youthful sparkle.

People who embody the Summer, on the other hand, have many of the same traits as Spring but with more empathy and intuitiveness. They’re mature, organized and efficient and lean towards colors with deeper more muted shades. They’ve matured and embraced a design that embodies classical lines and taste.

If you have a soft spot for earthy, warm tones, natural materials like wood and stone and a logical mind, you might enjoy the cooler months and be an Autumn personality. People who feel connected to Fall value quality, ambition and a love of beautiful things. They like substance, texture and comfort.

Finally, Winter personalities often have a flair for the dramatic. The high-contrast between winter and the other three seasons lends itself to embracing the extremes. Bright, intense colors paired with geometric shapes, clean lines and uncluttered environments are what makes Winter people thrive. If this sounds like just the thing for you, read on for tips on how to create your perfect winter space.

The Many Shades of White

Although you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t all white the same?” Consider this — just like every other shade found in the color wheel, white comes in many different tints and tones. Depending on the undertone, a certain shade can take a room from cold and clinical to warm and welcoming. Whites with green or bluish hues will cool things down, while whites with caramel or pink undertone will warm it up. In the case of winter whites, we would suggest leaning toward the rosier side of the spectrum. Pull inspiration from colors that usually pop up around the holidays, think cappuccino foam, toasted marshmallow, champagne and nutmeg. If you’ve got your heart set on a bright white, try tossing in a few cream-colored accents to keep things cozy. Bright whites can look great when mixed into a selection of similar shades but can feel too cold when used all on their own. Another option is to mix in a few pieces of white-grey, which can beautifully echo the soothing tones of a cloudy day but at the same time, keep you out of the brown and beige spectrum.

white comes in many different tints and tones

Cozy Up With Texture

When you decorate with all white, you should rely on something other than color to bring interest to your space. The secret to creating a beautiful neutral room is through texture. Consider the make and feel of the materials themselves when choosing pieces for your space. Just like with wearable fashion, those summer linen shirts, cotton dresses and gauzy caftans look great when the temperatures soar but feel out of place when the weather shifts. When the mercury drops, change out your diaphanous window dressings for something thicker. Choose a lush alabaster velvet or pearly brocade to not only visually warm the space but keep your room toasty. For seating areas, add texturally interesting accents like sheepskin throw pillows, artfully draped cashmere blankets and hand-tufted New Zealand wool rugs. And don’t forget natural wood. Live edge tables and decorative bowls and vases can add a rustic feel to an otherwise all-white color scheme.

For bedrooms, make guests feel welcome with Merino wool linens. Natural wool is lightweight, incredibly warm and made to last. Choose crisp white sheets, fluffy duvets and down pillows to make your guests feel as if they’re sleeping amongst the clouds. For bathrooms, keep the festive feel but up the Zen factor. Stock your space with plush Egyptian cotton bath towels, white terry cloth robes and luminous pillar candles. Plants are also great for adding an organic element to your room. Winter cuttings of white peony, dusty miller and dainty narcissus make a statement without taking away from the snowy feel. Add some fragrant garlands of White Pine, Silver Brunia and cinnamon sprigs and your home will not only look beautiful, but it will smell like a snow-dusted forest.

Make the Room Pop!

White kitchen with white oak floorsContrasting textures, festive scents and soft candlelight are all great ways to pull your space together, but what if you really want your room to shine? In this case, high contrast is the answer. With all that white, the obvious choice is to add some color and we love classic black. Black and white homes stand the test of time for a reason – because they never go out of style. In this case, anchor your all-white room with a block of black. A bold rug, a statement wall or a gallery collection of framed art can be a great solution.

And while we love adding color, it’s not the only way to make a statement. Winter personalities love drama, so add a little flair with metallic accents. Silver, gold, bronze and brass frames, and fixtures add touches of interest. A large mirror can also double the feel of your space, while a grouping of smaller items can create a focus in different zones.

If all that winter white has got your wanting to embrace it year-round, consider incorporating winter elements into your home in a more permanent way. Create an all-white kitchen with custom hardwood cabinets and wide plank white oak floors. Unfinished white oak flooring, a durable and resilient flooring choice, can bring together the design of your home. Choose white marble countertops with standout metallic accents as perfect finishing touches.

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By creating a neutral base, you have the freedom to add or subtract textiles and allow your home to evolve as the seasons do. With these tips, you can make your winter home as comfortable and inviting as possible. So, cuddle up and don’t be afraid to embrace that winter white.
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