Birch Flooring

Dramatic Beauty, Birch is Always in Style.

Many of our craftsmen will tell you this is the hardwood they would choose for their own homes.  Renowned for its intriguing combination of color tones and varying grain patterns, ranging from subtle swirls to flame-like effects that seem to dance across the board, Birch makes a uniquely captivating floor.  Carlisle’s Birch is grown solely in the Northeast and the Alleghany Plateau in Pennsylvania and specifically cut for our floors.  Our goal is to maximize the amount of rich reddish brown tones, or heartwood, in each board. If you like an organic feel to your floor but aren’t seeking heavy character or loud grain patterns, our Birch can bring some life into your design without feeling overly rustic.

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Whether you want a look that’s sleek, chic, or unique, we can provide a floor that fits your individual style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is Birch flooring?

Yellow birch, with a Janka rating of 1260, is among the softness of the hardwood used for flooring. Consequently, Birch flooring may be best suited for places that don’t get heavy traffic.

You have any suggestions for how to clean birch hardwood flooring?

For day-to-day cleaning, vinegar and water works well. You can mix a small amount of white vinegar, one or 2 ounces, with a couple gallons of water. Vinegar’s acidic quality helps to strip away dirt and contaminants without damaging the floor or the environment. For deeper cleaning, you may use LOBA Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

What is engineered Birch flooring?

Engineered Birch flooring is a fabricated floor with a veneer of birch hardwood and multiple layers or plies of birch or another material beneath. Engineered floors are designed for basements and other locations where higher levels of humidity are present.

How hard is Birch flooring?

Yellow birch has a Janka rating of 1260, which is at the lower end of hardness ratings for hardwood floors.

What does Birch flooring look like?

Birch flooring is known for its warm hues – from pale yellow to light red with brown tones – and for its grain patterns that can range from subtle swirls to flame-like effects. Birch flooring can be stained in a wide variety of colors.