Reclaimed Milled Barnwood Flooring

Rustic Charm, a Unique Combination of Colors and Imperfections.

When you walk on a floor made from this remarkable reclaimed wood, it’s as though you can recount its past. Every variation of color, nail hole, stain, knot, and split reflects an enduring memory that commands genuine admiration.

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Whether you want a look that’s sleek, chic, or unique, we can provide a floor that fits your individual style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your boards need sanding?

Depending on the quality of the subfloor, sanding the boards may not be necessary. Some customers prefer the rough spots, mill marks and other imperfections in un-sanded boards while customers with small children may prefer more smooth surfaces.

Are the boards kiln dried?

Many people assume that reclaimed wood does not need to be kiln dried because it is so old. However, it’s important that Barnwood planks are kiln dried to prevent negative developments like cupping or crowning, and to rid the wood of insect infestations.

What kind of wood are the floorboards cut from?

The best Barnwood floors are crafted from thick timbers like wall paneling, thick floorboards, joists, beams and carrier timbers. These materials provide more stable floorboards while also maintaining the character of reclaimed planks.

Where does the Barnwood come from?

Certain parts of the country produce better and stronger hardwoods. For example, Oak Barnwood from the south will look different than material source from the Ohio River Valley, which is where the best Oak is grown.