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Rich, Inviting Warmth

American Cherry has always been a favorite of fine furniture makers around the world. Rich in deep red tones, subtle in its grain structure, and easy to work with, we can all remember a family heirloom crafted from this beautiful wood. Carlisle honors this history by selecting the most mature Cherry timbers, grown in the Alleghany Plateau, where the shorter growing season and perfect soil conditions combine to promote the ultimate rich heartwood that defines Cherry. This burnished auburn color, paired with subtle but distinctive flowing grain patterns, create a work of art on your floor that only gets better with time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cherry floors be stained?

Unfinished hardwood flooring can easily be stained to a wide variety of colors. While many flooring companies have only a limited number of stain options available, Carlisle provides a virtually unlimited variety of hues.

Can Cherry floors be distressed?

Distressing a floor adds an antique appearance, making new floors look as if they were produced by old sawmills a century or more ago. At Carlisle, we offer a variety of techniques for distressing Cherry floors, including methods for adding saw marks, hand scraped edges and the kind of wear normally produced by age and foot traffic over generations. Distressed floors add an immediate sense of heritage and warmth to any room.

What are engineered Cherry floors?

Engineered Cherry floors are made with multiple layers of material rather than being cut from a single piece of solid hardwood. With an engineered floor, a top layer or veneer of Cherry hardwood is glued to multiple layers of backing material. While most engineered floors in the industry use pressboard, fiberboard or plywood as backing material, Carlisle uses Baltic Birch to provide engineered floors of greater strength and durability. Engineered Cherry wood flooring is appropriate for installation in settings where temperature and relative humidity may vary greatly – the multi-layered construction makes engineered floors more resistant to these environmental changes than solid wood flooring. Engineered flooring is not appropriate for environments where relative humidity falls below 30%

What are prefinished Cherry floors?

Prefinished Cherry floors are sanded, stained and sealed in the Carlisle facility before they are delivered to your home or business for installation. Prefinished floors allow you to avoid the mess of sawdust and stain and the overwhelming odor and inconvenience of sealing unfinished Cherry flooring on-site. Consequently, prefinished Cherry floors can be installed more quickly, helping to reduce the cost of installation.

How durable are Cherry floors?

As a hardwood, Cherry has a Janka rating of 995, which is softer than Walnut, Oak, Ash and Maple but harder than Pine, Mahogany and Cedar. With appropriate care, Cherry floors can last for generations.

Any suggestions for how to care for Cherry floors?

The easiest way to care for Cherry floors – or for any hardwood floor – is with a simple mixture of vinegar and water. Vinegar is safe for the environment, and its natural acidity helps to strip away most dirt and contaminants. With any floor, water should be applied with a light touch – a damp mop is recommended over wet mopping.

Where are the timbers for Cherry floors grown?

Cherry trees grow throughout the East Coast and Midwest United States as well as parts of Mexico, but the strongest and healthiest timbers are usually found in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. At Carlisle, we select the most mature Cherry timbers from trees grown in the Allegheny Plateau, where perfect soil conditions and a shorter growing season help promote the ultimate rich heartwood that defines Cherry.

What are wide plank Cherry floors?

Wide plank Cherry floors like those from Carlisle are made with floorboards that are between 5″ and 16″ wide and up to 12′ long. When compared to commercial floorboards which are no more than 3″ wide, it’s easy to see why so many customers prefer wide plank floors when designing an elegant room. Extra wide planks allow the grain patterns and personality of the wood to play out more fully on each board. With fewer seams between planks, wide plank Cherry floors feel much less “busy”, infusing the room with greater harmony and elegance.

What are Cherry floors?

Cherry floors are hardwood flooring made from the timbers from Cherry trees. Cherry wood has long been a favorite of woodworkers and fine furniture makers around the world. Easy to work with, dark Cherry wood flooring has deep red tones and subtle grain structure that make it the perfect choice for creating pieces destined to become family heirlooms, and for hardwood floors that will warm a space for generations.