Eastern White Pine Flooring

A Piece of Americana

Loved by early New England colonists because they could cut longer, wider planks from mature trees widely available in the area, Eastern White Pine was widely used for structural timbers, siding and interior wainscoting — but it was especially popular for wide plank flooring since it allowed for a quick installation and minimal maintenance. Technically a “soft” wood, this durable American favorite develops its own unique character and becomes harder through wear. Today, our restoration quality Eastern White Pine flooring features a smooth grain and beautiful knots, with versatile finish capabilities, making it extremely popular for a range of décor styles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are suggestions for how to care for Eastern White Pine flooring?

Because it is a softer wood, Eastern White Pine flooring should be swept often to keep it free of debris that could cause scratches. Dirt and contaminants can easily be loosened and removed with a simple mixture of vinegar and water which is safe both for the floor and for the environment.

What is prefinished Eastern White Pine flooring?

Prefinished floors allow the home or business owner to skip the messy and inconvenient process of having to sand, stain and seal a floor after it is installed on site. Carlisle prefinished Eastern White Pine flooring and prefinished Heart Pine flooring are sanded, stained and sealed at our facility and delivered to a home or business ready for final installation. Prefinished floors inevitably help to accelerate the installation process and reduce the cost of installing a new floor.

What is textured Eastern White Pine flooring?

Textured Eastern White Pine flooring recreates the look of reclaimed flooring through treatments that add saw marks or hand scraped edges. Carlisle offers several additional proprietary processes that give new boards the appearance of wood that has been worn down by age, weather and the foot traffic from several generations

What other kinds of Pine is used for flooring?

In addition to Eastern White Pine flooring, Carlisle offers Heart Pine flooring in rich colors that range from pumpkin and amber to darker hues. Hard as Oak, Carlisle Heart Pine floors are available in a variety of grades – from the formal Heirloom grade featuring tight knots and vertical grains, to the rustic Original Grade with wider lines, extravagant knots and cathedral grain patterns.

Additionally, Carlisle offers Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, also known as Antique Heart Pine flooring, that uses timbers salvaged from mills and factories scheduled for demolition. For the antique look at less cost, Carlisle Hit or Miss Pine floors recreate the saw marks that were the hallmark of floorboards produced by early sawmills.

How can Eastern White Pine flooring be stained?

Eastern White Pine flooring can be stained in any number of colors, making it a highly popular option for a wide number of decor styles.

How durable is Eastern White Pine flooring?

As a softwood, Eastern White Pine flooring is more susceptible to dents and scratches than its hardwood counterparts. Consequently, it may require extra care to prevent debris and contaminants from scratching the surface. Eastern White Pine flooring may also need to be refinished more often to keep it looking pristine. However, most customer appreciate the dents and dings that occur in the flooring as a way to authentically achieve an old restoration quality floor.