3 Ways to Update your Room This Weekend

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Everyone loves to update their home – some more than others. You know that person who indulges in HGTV and other popular Do-It-Yourself inspired shows.  They are commonly referred to as your “Weekend Warrior” and they are constantly fixing up, tearing down, and looking for ways to update their space.

Some home improvement products are easier to work with than others, and some have more of an impact than others.  Today, lets look at three of the easiest ways to transform a space and give it an “almost” completely new look.


Estimated Time: 2 Hours Per Coat (Average 15×15 room) 

Redecorating your room doesn’t have to be hard, sometime it can be as simple as adding in a colorful accent wall, or just updating the color in general.  When you do, I’m sure you will be inspired to update some other things so be ware there could be some more shopping in store for you!

Finding the right color for your walls comes down to two things – personal preference and the architecture and design aesthetic of the overall space.  For example,  you might love a dark gray wall color, but if your room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, or a way to create the illusion of more light (windows, mirrors, sunlights, etc), it is always best to opt for a lighter color.   This luxury hotel in Toronto uses light, white walls to offset the dark aesthetic of the leather flooring that has been installed.

Dark Flooring Style

Size, and shape of room also have a lot to do with choosing your colors.  Accent walls are very popular when considering a new paint color – you don’t always have to repaint all the walls.  Pick a wall above a sofa or fireplace, down a hallway or in your entryway.  This is a great way to add a pop of color to a room.    Looking for more Accent Wall Ideas, check out the Architect and Interior Design platform HomedIt.


Estimated Time: 1 Hour (Average 15×15 room)

Free Samples

It is a common misconception that flooring can be a hassle to install, and thus take much longer than a weekend to install new flooring.  People assume you have to install, sand and finish floors on site, but advanced in flooring manufacturing have helped created a new style of high quality prefinished flooring – and not just in hardwood either.  Flooring stores, like smartfloorstore.com, offer prefinished flooring in wide plank cork, laminate, vinyl, engineered hardwood and even leather!

When selecting a new floor, the same color logic applies as noted above, for choosing your paint color.  Expected traffic and cleaning habits within a household may also play a role.  For example, if you have a very dark floor, and a busy family, chances are pretty good the dirt and traffic is going to show up more in the floor – an easy dust or mop will get it clean, but some people don’t want to clean their floors so frequently.  Medium and light stain floors tend to show less of the day to day dirt and traffic, but we realize that dark floors are extremely popular, so it is just a matter of setting the right expectations for yourself and your household routines.   Try to also choose a floor that complements any other interior woodwork like doors, window casing and jams, or trim – trying to “match” the floor is rarely recommended unless you install your flooring FIRST and then try to get some kind of complementary matching Color in the other woodwork.

Installing new flooring is easily something a DIY homeowner can do in a weekend, or hire a local installer and they’ll have it done in no time. The floating flooring from smartfloorstore.com has a Uniclic joint, so there is no subfloor, glue, or nails required, and since it is prefinished no sanding or staining on site – builders, installers and homeowners alike all love those features!


EstimateTime: 1-2 Hours (shopping not included) 

It is no surprise that new furniture is the third most popular way to redecorate a space.  It may require a little more preplanning to visit your local store, set up delivery and decide what to do with your old furniture, but it is well worth it. New furniture can completely transform your space especially if you use a new wall color and a new floor.

When selecting living room furniture there are some guidelines you can follow.

  1. Make sure the space is aesthetically pleasing but more importantly a Space you can easily live in. It is so easy to overdecorate a space, that it is hard to know where to step or sit – this is especially true for families.
  2. Think about functionality – where can items be stored like blankets, books, extra pillows and other items.
  3. Test out your furniture – how are you really going to use it.  Make sure it is comfortable when it is time to sit down with your favorite book, or for a good movie.
  4. Don’t forget about the accent furniture – where are you going to put that cup of coffee or bowl of popcorn while you are enjoying your new space
  5. Bring along your paint chips and floor samples – you want to make sure it all goes together

Looking for some more ideas, check out the HGTV Living Room Guide.

These are three of the big, yet simple and quick ways to update your room. So if you are ready to tackle a space this weekend, settle in for a few hours work, shop online for your new floors, visit your local paint store for some swatches and “test drive” some new furniture…before you know it you’ll have a brand new space to enjoy.

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