4 Dark Flooring Styles for Modern Interior Design

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Modern interiors are reflective of the iconic Mid-Century modern style inspired by the 1940’s and 1950’s, when less was more, form blended with function, and wood and leather were king.  Creating a modern look for your interior is going to be defined by the details of the physical and spacial architecture, every little detail, from the walls, ceiling, doors, stairs, floor covering, cabinets, and lighting.

The three largest surfaces of your home are your walls, your ceilings and your floors, these three components become incredibly important to the modern design aesthetic you wish to create.  Walls tend to be crisp, white and clean – in line with the minimalistic intentions of modern design.   Ceilings are simple and sleek with minimal adornments and architectural details, like recessed lighting, to keep the ceiling looking equally crisp and clean.  The last, but certainly not least, architectural element of consideration is the floor covering.  Dark flooring is a popular style for a modern interior because it creates a stunningly beautiful and consistent foundation for the rest of the design.  Unlike flooring with a more natural finish, which can reveal more character and color variation, a dark floor will have a more consistent hue.

If you are looking for a dark floor for your modern interior, these four flooring styles will be a perfect fit – and you can choose from a variety of dark hues to find just the right look. 

Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is the “go-to” floor covering for modern interiors. It is luxurious, stylish, and completely stunning.   There are a variety of dark wood flooring shades from chocolate brown, rich walnut or dark ebony – see all the colors here.

Leather Flooring

For a modern interior, leather fits right in, but normally it is in the form of furniture like luxury sofa’s, ottomans, bedroom headboards, doors, and even leather cabinetry.  But leather isn’t just meant for architectural accents, leather makes a fantastic wide plank floor too.  Choose from smooth or textured to give your room just right backdrop – see all the styles here.

Leather can be a nice contrast because it has a natural variation of color hues and textures, that offset the crisp, white, backdrop of the other larger surfaces, like your kitchen cabinets, ceiling and walls.

When selecting a leather floor, quality of the sourcing is important, at smartfloorstore.com we offer Torlys Smart Floors Leather Designer Collection which is made from recycled leather, this makes it beautiful, eco and animal friendly.

Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring encompasses many different looks, from hardwood and leather above, to surprisingly styles like wide plank vinyl flooring, including Somerset, as seen below, from the Everwood Premier Collection.

Wide planks and modern interiors go so well together because this kind of style is about creating beautiful, stunning design with minimal clutter.  Nothing does that more than wide plank floors because you greatly reduce the seams across a floor, giving the eyes more beauty, and fewer butt joints to look at the gaze travels across the floor.

Living Area with Somerset Everwood Premier Flooring

Cork Flooring

If you are the type of person who likes to mix things up and do something completely unexpected, why not choose a floor that is completely unexpected like cork flooring.  Commonly considered an underlayment, sound barrier, or other architectural structure, cork is quickly becoming the flooring of choice for modern interiors.  Be sure to look for wide boards, long lengths, and quality construction, recycled cork is also a great choice because it is better for the environment.    See all the wide plank cork flooring styles here.

Living Room with Coastline Florence Designer Cork Wide Plank Flooring

Wrapping It All Up

Dark wood flooring is an excellent choice for modern interiors especially when paired with wide plank, long length boards, especially if you can find a prefinished floor that will make installing style in your space so easy and hassle free.  If you are looking for more design ideas, download our free color catalog and get ready to find your new favorite floating floor.

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