5 Home Upgrades You Can Make Before the Holidays

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Believe it or not the holidays are just around the corner!  Not sure if you can really count Halloween as a holiday (I’m sure the kids do, and some parents) but there are many festivities and celebrations in November and December that bring family and friends together.

Do you usually host? Are you hosting for the first time? Do you want to make some changes to your home before everyone arrives?   Before you decide to start that kitchen overhaul let us take a look at the things you can ACTUALLY GET done before the holidays, because planning for a holiday friends, family or “framily” dinner is hard enough.

New Flooring

You had to know we were going to lead with this!  However, keep in mind that this convenience doesn’t apply to ALL flooring.  Some floors requires acclimation or even worse stain and finishing on site which can take weeks!  Save your self the aggravation and make sure your flooring is prefinished.

Wide plank flooring, like the kind you find at smartfloorstore.com is prefinished, ready to install, and it will usually arrive at your doorstep in 7-10 days.  As an added benefit the floors are super easy to install.  This is a benefit to homeowners for two reasons.  First, there are plenty of other homeowners fighting over installers and contractors in your area, this time of year, to install their flooring.  Second, the floors are so easy to install you can put together one of those last minute barbecues, invite over some friends and get your new floors installed in no time at all.  Again, check the fine print there, when it comes to Torlys Smart Floors it’s super easy since they don’t require nails or glue.

Get Organized

One of the single best things you can do before the holidays is get organized.  Start the mudroom and entry, move into the kitchen, and bathrooms.  These are going to be the four most important rooms of the house when you have company.

The mudroom or entryway (or maybe both) is the first line of defense for a family gathering.  Make sure you know where people are going to hang their coats, put their shoes, and organize their own “stuff” – this is especially important for people with babies or small children.

If you are working with a formal entryway take some time to update the aesthetics.  Adding an area rug, turning on a soft light, placing a vase of flowers on a table, hanging up some new photos or artwork are all ways to make your entryway a comfortable and welcoming “hello” as they enter, especially if you can’t welcome everyone personally.

Whether you are doing the cooking, hosting a potluck, or catering your dinner, your kitchen is going to be the epicenter of the home.  You are going to get your counters and cupboards organized and make space in your refrigerator for beverages.  If you don’t have one, a spare can always come in handy, even if it lives in the garage, basement, game room or other secondary space.

If you are hosting a potluck, make sure there is plenty of counter space for people to drop off and plugin.  Having some powerstrips is not a bad idea either.  You don’t want to be scrambling when Aunt Betty shows up with her hot plate of Sweet Potato Casserole.

Do a quick scan of your kitchen to determine what REALLY needs to be out on the counters, and out way the unnecessary.

Next, to these spaces, the bathrooms are a top priority.  Make sure they are clean and stocked with towels, hand soap, and plenty of paper so no one has to go searching.  Setting up a nice bouquet of flowers or having a soft light or candle in here adds a personal touch.

New Furniture

The holidays are a great time to dress up your spaces with some new furniture. For starters, many furniture stores have great sales and specials this time of year, why not take advantage of it.   This is also a great time to think about the functionality of your current furniture.  Maybe it is time for that sectional sofa you have been dreaming of or buying that comfy armchair someone is bound to fall asleep in during the holiday football game.

There are many styles of furniture out there today from classic Midcentury modern to traditional Crate & Barrell.  What kind of style furniture do you like?

If you can try before you buy at your local furniture store, and make sure it is in stock. Some furniture is custom order only and makes not be delivered before the holidays – it is always good to double check.

Hang Some Curtains

Hanging new window fashion is probably the easiest thing you can do, to in any room, to upgrade the space.  Visit your favorite home goods store online or in person and you will be pleasantly surprised by the plethora of options available.

If you want to keep a room bright, consider sheer curtains with colorful panels you can slide open and Close as the day transitions. If your rooms tend to get cool consider insulted curtains.

If curtains aren’t your thing, consider blinds, roman shades or another style of window covering.

Hire a House Cleaning Service

Not really sure this counts an upgrade, although if you are the one normally doing the cleaning you can thank us later.  HIRE A CLEANER!  If you are planning on having people over for the holidays find someone who can come in a few days before (and maybe even a few days after) to clean up your home.  You are going to have so much to do, scrubbing sinks and vacuuming your floors is the last thing you want to do.  Although it seems like a splurge, this upgrade is worth every penny.

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