5 Ways to Keep Your Wide Plank Floors Looking Beautiful

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5 Ways to Keep Your Wide Plank Floors Looking Beautiful

Have you recently installed new wide plank flooring in your home? The first couple weeks it is going to look shiny and beautiful.  But what happens after a few months when day to day living takes it’s toll on the beautiful finish?

Cleaning Your Floors

Keeping your floors looking beautiful really starts with proper cleaning, but the type of product you use is really going to depend on the type of flooring you installed.

Most flooring manufacturers have specific flooring cleaners that you need to use, as these have been tested to be compatible with the flooring finish that was used.   These can often be purchased directly from the manufacturer or an approved retailer.

Since most wide plank flooring comes with a residential and commercial warranty, it is important to use the recommended cleaners so you do not void the warranty.

Unless you have been specifically advised to do so, you should not clean your floors with common household cleaners.  These can aggravate the finish causing discoloration and fading.   As noted above, it can also void the finish warranty.

Spills & Stain Prevention

In any setting, the possibility of spills and stains happen every day.  Of course, you don’t want to have to worry about every drop of water or spill but there are some accidents that you want to take care of right away.

  • Most of the time water on the floor will do little damage if it is just sitting on the floor for a short while. Just clean it up when you see it. Standing water has greater potential to leave damaging water spots in the finish.  Why not consider selecting some area rugs or high traffic mats in places like kitchens and entryways where the spills can be the most common, and put a stylish mat under pet dishes as we know they won’t always keep their water in the bowl.
  • Pet accidents can be potentially damaging to flooring. Again, if you clean it up right away it should do little if any damage.  If your pet has an accident and it sits on the floor for several days it could damage the floor finish.

Some wide plank flooring, like those available from Torlys Smart Floors are actually stain resistant, which makes it so much easier to maintain the beauty of your floors. Some varieties are also water resistant.  It might be a good idea to review the technical specifications and benefits of the flooring you are considering to see if it features this benefit as well.

Dings & Dents

Åfter you install a new flooring the last thing you want to see if a dent or ding in the finish. Sometimes this cannot be prevented, even with the hardest floor out there like Wide Plank Oak flooring.  Prevention is the best way to avoid dings and dents.  Here are some tips:

  • Keep your pet’s nails clipped
  • Lay down area rugs in high traffic areas (these are stylish and functional)
  • Remove shoes when entering the homes
  • Avoid high heels when walking on the floors
  • Install an area rug in the primary entries of the home to remove dirt, debris, and rocks

It is also worth researching the quality and benefits of the flooring you are installing.  Some manufacturers have dent-resistant flooring that makes living on your new flooring worry free.

Maintenance & Refinishing

No wide plank floor finish lasts forever.  Sadly, there are many floors out there that once the finish wears off you have to replace the entire floor, and even the best warranty may not cover the day to day wear and tear that a floor.  Do not be fooled by There are warranties that might claim to last 25 or 50 years, but many times it doesn’t cover the day to day wear and tear on the floor.  This is when it becomes very important to understand how you can maintain and recoat your floors over the years.

In this regard, not all flooring is created equal, ideally, the manufacturer should be able to offer you a recoating product that can be used when your flooring is ready to be refinished.  This can also be used in conjunction with a touch-up kit if you need it over the years.

When researching flooring providers be sure to ask if touch and recoat or refinishing kits are available.  Since stain colors and finishes change every day it is a good idea to purchase touch up kits and refinishing products at the time you buy your flooring, otherwise, you run the risk of it no longer being available in 5-10 or 20 years.

Flooring Repair

It might make you cringe to think of something damaging your floor beyond repair, but it happens.  Some wide plank flooring is extremely difficult, if not impossible to repair.  When damage does occur you often have to take out and repair not only the damaged board but several boards around it to make it look good.

There is another option.

Some wide plank floors offer repair solutions where you only have to replace the damaged board.  To see an example of this check out some more information on the Torlys Bulldog Easy Plank Replacer.

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