Color Guide & Decorating Tips for Light Flooring

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Color Guide & Decorating Tips for Light Flooring

Flooring, whether it be for a commercial or residential setting, is one the largest architectural elements in a space.

Next to the ceilings and the walls, the floors will cover the largest surface area.  The selected flooring will therefore have a large impact on the appearance, aesthetic and quality of the final design of a room.  One of the most important decisions to be made with a new flooring selection is the color of the flooring.

Color can fall into three categories – light, medium, and dark – but within these somewhat simple guidelines are a series of shades and tones.

Finding the right color has as much to do with personal preference, and interior design specifications, as it does with the space in which the floor is being installed.  Today begins the first in a series of three posts which will provide decorating tips and tricks for making the most of small spaces.

Today, we’ll look at light flooring colors since they are top of mind in the midst of summer, as we all seek out lighter, brighter interiors to keep us cool and cheery.


In the category of light wood floors come hues like white, cream, beige, and grey – think linen, cotton and other neutral tones inspired by the earth.   These colors are inspired by naturalists, seaside enthusiasts, and modern stylists who like things sleek and sexy. Light wood floors create a neutral canvas from which any style or design can be created.  Keep your space monochromatic or mix in colorful accents to make it more vibrant.


Light wood floors can suit many different types of interior design styles, some of the most popular include:

  • Contemporary

Sleek lines, and minimalist décor and furniture love the neutral, soft shades of a light floor.

  • Shabby Chic

Characterized by white and linen hues, traditionally accented by pastel textiles and weathered furniture.

  • Scandinavian

Intended to make spaces appears brighter and bigger for Eastern European spaces cloaked in darkness a majority of the year.

Design Advantages

There are many advantages to decorating with light hard surface flooring.

  • Light & Brighten the Space – You can make a small space seem bigger no matter what size it is, with the right colors. Incorporate light walls colors, light colored accent trim, and sheer window coverings or light colored blinds.  The only exception to this is many designers will recommend painting the ceiling a slightly darker color to make it appear taller.
  •  Hide Dust, Dirt & Dog Hair –  Let’s face it you want a floor that is meant for real life.  Light wood floors are going to help hide dust, dirt and dog hair/
  • Create a Neutral Backdrop – Light flooring provides a versatile palette from which to build your design from.  Mix it with a variety of hues

Its All About Color

There are many different shades and colors when it comes to “light” floors.  Some people picture crisp white linen, or natural oak, while others prefer honey and auburn hues for a more traditional look.

Whatever color appeals to you, there are sure to be a variety of flooring styles to choose from including engineered hardwood, wide plank cork, wide plank vinyl and even wide plank leather. Check out the color variety below and more on our website.


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