Creative Colors, Construction and Convenience of Floating Flooring

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Creative Colors, Construction and Convenience of Floating Flooring

Creative Colors, Construction and Convenience of Floating Flooring

At you will find a large variety of floating flooring, designed by the industry leader in floating flooring solutions.  But, many of our customers are curious – what is a floating floor? Do these floors have some magic powers that allow them to just levitate?  Well, the answer is yes, they do!

Today, lets walk through the colors, convenience and construction of floating flooring to help you understand the benefits when comparing them to other potential solutions.


When people think of flooring today they think of wood.  But that is not the only option especially when it comes to floating flooring. It is also available in leather, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and cork, and not only are there a vast number of styles, but there is an extensive selection of colors too.

The ability to choose from light flooring, dark flooring, auburn, gold or gray flooring, means you can find a floating floor that will suit almost any décor style you can dream up.


Not all floating flooring is created equal.  Floating flooring consists of two components – the bottom layer or base of the flooring – what we refer to as the functionality part of the floor; and the top layer, what we refer to as the åesthetic part of the floor.

When considering a floating floor, you want to make sure the top layer looks beautiful but is also ultra thick with good wear resistance, and fade resistance and durability in residential or commercial spaces is also important.

But it is equally important to look at the construction of bottom layer. Since there are dozens, if not hundreds of floating flooring  styles, we are going to focus on the construction of Torlys Smart Floors.  Torlys is the industry leader in floating flooring, and has been delivering the highest quality floating flooring to the market for over 25 years.

Every piece of the flooring is carefully engineered for maximum stability, performance, quality and longevity. The cork backing is nearly twice as thick as the industry standards and it is high density to minimize dents.   The flooring is carefully manufactured with a tight Uniclic® joint and gap free installation.  In the case of Torlys, they also offer an easy bull dog replacer tool that allows you to easily replace a single board without having to repair or replace an entire floor.

Learn more about the construction of Torlys flooring, check out our frequently asked questions. 


Floating floors are a unique solution for residential and commercial spaces.  Their construction allows them to be installed over almost any substrate, without the use of nails or glue.

They are easy and quick to install too, especially since they are prefinished.  When installing a prefinished floating floor, you can install a floor in a room in just  few hours.  Imagine being able to transform your entire home in just a few days!

The cork backing also provides some sound absorption – which is nice for multi residential and urban spaces, or multi level family homes.

Looking for more information on floating flooring, explore our collections today.

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