Decorate with Leather Flooring for a Stunning Interior

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Decorate with Leather Flooring for a Stunning Interior

Luxurious Wide Plank Leather Flooring

When most people think of leather, they probably think of a leather armchair or sofa. But now you can decorate with this luxurious natural material in a new way – wide plank leather flooring.

Leather flooring is a relatively new floor covering compared to engineered wood flooring or wide plank laminate flooring.  But that doesn’t mean it has any less appeal.

Leather flooring has many great attributes, which make it ideal for flooring.  To begin with, leather is a versatile choice for your floor covering.  You could use it in a rustic family ski lodge or an upscale new York penthouse.  It is just a matter of selecting the right type, texture and color to get the right look.

Leather comes in a variety of textures which will make the floor look more rustic or formal.  Most leather flooring will fall into the darker range, but you can offset this with lighter walls and accessories.

Leather Collection

Most people associate leather with “masculinity” but that is determined by the other decorative accents you will be using in the room. You won’t limit your design by using a leather floor, the flooring is the foundation for your room, and the furniture, accents and paint colors will tie it all together.

Leather is very durable, but will require some regular cleaning since dirt and debris can scuff the surface. To keep your floor looking beautiful, sweep or vacuum at least once per week.

When considering leather, you want to understand how eco-friendly it is for the environmental but also for a commercial or residential interior. Ideally, choose leather flooring that is made from recycled leather, which is good for the environment and for animal lovers out there. When researching leather flooring, make sure is it environmentally friendly, containing no added formaldehyde or VOC’s, which can impact indoor air health quality.

For more ideas on leather flooring checking our the Leather Designer Collection or order free samples.

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